December 4, 2023 at 2:41 am

Woman’s In-Laws Insist On Pretending Her Baby Is A Boy, So She Ruins The Baby Shower They Threw For Her

by Trisha Leigh

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It’s no secret that expecting couples might be secretly – or not so secretly – hoping their baby is one gender or the other. Once we find out which it is, though, almost everyone gets one board.

I mean, what choice do they have?

OP is expecting her first child with her husband, and it will also be the first grandchild on his side of the family. They were all hoping it would be a boy so they could name him after OP’s husband’s father.

I (f27) am expecting my first baby with my husband. This is the first grandchild in the family (InLaws) and they said that if the baby’s a boy then we’ll give him my father InLaw’s name (he’s dead due to cancer). I had no problem with that.

This happened before we found out the gender of the baby – my husband and his family had me “do things” like attend prayers and do other rituals before the reveal at the drs. I didn’t like that but went with it to keep the peace.

Well, the baby turned out to be a girl. Her husband was so upset he turned off his phone, and once they told his family it was more of the same.

Dr appointment came, and it turned out to be a girl. My husband cried in the car then turned his phone off to hide from his family then finally told them.

His mom and the others made their frustration & disappointment clear which bothered me cause my daughter deserves to be celebrated but, they ghosted me for days then started coming over & visiting constantly referring to my daughter as my son claiming the results were false and basically pretending it’s a boy.

I had several fights with them after they refused to stop it, and my husband sided with them despite seeing how wrong and unreasonable what they were doing was.

We didn’t speak for a while.

Except worse, because they continue to pretend that it is going to be a boy even though it isn’t. OP has had enough, feeling like her daughter deserves to be celebrated, too.

Then, her sister-in-law apologized and told her she was throwing a baby shower. OP was feeling better until she showed up to a baby shower thrown for a boy.

Sister InLaw called to apologize then inform me she arranged for a baby shower for me. I was so excited and happy.

But when I arrived I saw blue balloons, blue cake with Father In Law’s name/decorations around. I was so confused I had to sit down. Sister InLaw explained they were “still” hoping the gender results are false and it’s a boy.

I looked at my husband and he agreed with her. I lost my temper and yelled at them all calling them delusionals and telling them to stop treating my daughter like she’s unwanted and act like she doesn’t exist by throwing a party for “their imaginary grandson”.

mother In Law breaks down crying, I took my bag and walked out immediately.

OP lost it and told them all to go p*** up a rope. She demanded to be taken home, and when her husband refused, she called an Uber.

They started yelling and my husband followed me outside and started arguing about how I insulted his family, and his dads memory by acting like that. I told him to wake up and see the insanity in his family’s behavior.

He said they needed time to process the fact that it’s a girl not a boy as they expected and insisted I play along and “they’ll soon get over it”.

I said absolutely not and demanded he take me home, he said no so I called an Uber and left.

Now, he’s saying he’s not going home until she apologizes to his family.

He was fuming he called 15 times, then texted that he won’t be coming home til I “get my butt” over and apologize for ruining everything THEY’VE DONE FOR ME and accusing them of being mentally unstable.

I haven’t responded yet he’s constantly pressuring me to get right with his family before we even talk about anything else.

I bet Reddit is going to have a field day with this one.

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Wow, I would not know where to start with this.

Imagine breaking down over a healthy first baby.