January 28, 2024 at 7:35 pm

Airline Crew Used Business Class Passenger’s Baggage Space, So He Removed Coach Passenger’s Carry-On To Make Room For His Own

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA/iStock

People who fly coach sometimes have a chip on their shoulder about those who can afford to fly business or first class – and the attitude can certainly go both ways.

It’s understandable, but also, rules are rules, right?

OP paid for his business class tickets and had the appropriate number of carry-ons.

While shifting things in the overhead, someone piped up from coach.

I’m one of the last on the plane, sat in business class (full fare, paid ticket, not an upgrade). There is a walled partition between Business and Economy.

I open the overhead bin and there is a little bit of room if I shift thing’s about to fit my bags (I’m carrying well within my weight/size limits) when someone pipes up for me to please be careful with their bag.

The voice is coming from the 2nd row of Economy!!

So, OP removed the coach bag from the business class bin and replaced it with his own.

With that, I pulled his bag out and placed it at his feet and promptly stowed my bags.

Keep in mind there is a placard in the bis saying “Business Class use only”.

FA’s tried to find a place for the Economy bag but it ultimately had to be be gate checked.

The passenger was upset but the flight attendants apologized.

FA’s apologised to me for the ‘inconvenience’ and said they should have been more watchful.

The Passenger (understandably) and one of the ground personnel tried to have a shot at me for taking his bag out – said I shouldn’t have touched his bag.

My argument was I paid for the space according to my ticket. My bags were where they were meant to be.. his weren’t.

So, Reddit, AITA?

Was OP acting snobby or out of pocket? Reddit will weigh in!

The top comment says OP has a tone…

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But this person says that comment isn’t fair.

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Some think he should have let the staff handle it.

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Overall, most people agree OP should get what he pays for.

Source: Reddit/AITA

The guy does kind of sound entitled.

But maybe in this situation he has the right to be.

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