January 9, 2024 at 2:48 am

Her Cousins Wouldn’t Stop Using A Nickname She Loathes, So She Refused To Take Them For Ice Cream

by Trisha Leigh

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No one can get under your skin like the people who know you best, am I right?

And when cousins decide to be mean, they can really get out of hand.

OP has a different heritage than most of her cousins, and they did not like to let her forget it.

My (19F) mom is mixed indigenous/black and I look a lot like her, so I’m considerably darker than the rest of my dad’s mostly italian and german family.

When I was a little kid, my cousins used to make fun of me a lot because of that, and had a specific nickname for me that can be translated as “Little Coal”.

I guess the nickname by itself isn’t that bad but I associate it with bad memories.

When her young family members took up the hated nickname, she asked them to stop.

I was taking my cousin’s kids (6M & 8F) to get ice cream, when they started calling me that nickname.

I asked them to please not call me that because it made me very sad, but they continued calling me it.

I asked them two more times to not do it, but since they kept going, I called my cousin to notify her that something had come up and I couldn’t take the kids to ice cream any more.

When they didn’t, she took them back home.

I explained to them that I was dropping them off and they thought I was kidding until I got them to their house and bid goodbye.

Then they started apologizing but I told them that I was hurt by them not stopping when I asked them to and went away.

Her cousin told her she’s overreacting.

My cousin called me to say that I was being immature and that now her kids were crying because their aunt was upset at them.

She also said that kids this age don’t understand consequence so me cancelling was just a jerk move since they wouldn’t understand it was because they were calling me the nickname.

I don’t have kids so I honestly didn’t know what to do, I just cancelled because I really hate the nickname and felt like I would have a very bad time if they kept calling me it the entire time.

I feel like I am entitled to not like them calling me it but that maybe I dealt with the situation wrong.

AITA here?

Does Reddit agree? Let’s find out!

The top comment says they are absolutely old enough to understand.

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People like this always think they’ll get away with it.

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Trouble always starts at home.

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I can’t believe her parents let her cousins get away with this for so long.

It’s high time someone put a stop to it.

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