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Her Neighbor Won’t Stop Walking Into Her House Unannounced. She Finally Snapped And Told Her To Get Lost.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

This is a wild one, folks!

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AITA for yelling at my older neighbor for walking into our house without knocking?

“So, Me (21F) & my BF (25M) have an older neighbor.

We live in a pretty decent neighborhood, where not much happens, and you don’t hear much bad. We have a neighbor down the way, we’ll call him Carl (50M).

He comes up often to smoke with us, or just to come up & visit BUT, he’s recently let this lady, we’ll call her Sarah (50-60F) move in with him.

She’s an older hippy lady but, here’s the thing. He showed her where our house is (for whatever unknown reason?) & now she comes to our house AT LEAST 3 times a week and just walks into our house without knocking.


She’s even gone as far to walk in on me and my boyfriend while we’re having *** & she awkwardly stares at us at our door while we’re unsure what to do because we’re both naked.

I told her calmly, the first 5 times, to please knock before just waltzing into our house, as me and my boyfriend could be doing ANYTHING, because she’s walked in on us once before.

She does not care.


So this last time, I yelled at her for it.

I felt a little insensitive as she is an older lady but, my gears are absolutely grinded when I’m sitting on the couch & this woman randomly comes up & starts to jingle our doorknob trying to get in.

It literally sent fire through me. I’ve started to lock the door now & she still comes up here & aggressively tries to turn our doorknob.

I know she’s harmless but, I feel like our privacy is being invaded SUPER hard.

This is ridiculous.

I’m from the South. It’s not acceptable to be a stranger to someone & just walk into their house without them knowing who you are.

I have started locking our doors for a bit now. However she’ll still come here & jingle our doorknob aggressively.

AITA for yelling at this woman to stop walking into our house without knocking because we do not know her like at all?”

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I wouldn’t put up with that, either!

Nicely done!

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