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His Stepbrother Keeps Demanding To Be Included At Family Functions, So When He Says He Wants to Be At His Birthday Celebration He Says No

by Matthew Gilligan

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I am so thankful I didn’t have to deal with divorced parents growing up.

A lot of my friends did and the stepbrothers and stepsisters they had to deal with could sometimes be…a bit much…

And this teenage boy is really going through it with his stepbrother!

Is he acting like a jerk?

Here’s what he had to say.

AITA for saying no to my stepbrother coming to my birthday party?

“My parents are divorced and I (15M) have a stepbrother (13M) and two stepsisters (10F and 9F).

Last year I chose to stay mostly with my dad and I see my mom every other weekend versus the every other week schedule we had before. I prefer living with my dad. My relationship with mom isn’t close and I don’t like her husband or his son.

This has caused some tension.

So it was a no brainer who I’d be with more once I was old enough to decide. My mom blames my dad. She blames him for everything wrong in our relationship and the relationship with her husband and stepson. Her blaming my dad for everything is kinda why our relationship ended up this way.

When I was younger and they were still married she chose to stay away from school plays and stuff if dad was taking time off work to be there because she didn’t want to be there with him because their marriage sucked.

And when I asked her to come she’d tell me it was a choice between her and my dad. My parents fought about that too and dad called her childish and told her to put me first.

It was easier when they divorced because they fought way less.

His mom sounds like kind of a mess.

My mom isn’t that warm either.

She’s fine but not really the kind of parent you could seek comfort from. She has a really short temper and she dated a lot after she and dad filed for divorce and she introduced me to a bunch of random guys and tried to make me like them more than my dad.

When she got married to her husband she made a big deal out of me needing to spend time with his kids and putting the expectation on me to give her time with her husband.

Then her stepson wanted to come with me to my dad’s and he was really trying to be my brother and would get really annoying. Then mom would annoy me because she said I should include him more.

Her husband would get mad at me and say I should stay with them more since his son wanted a brother and he told me his son could come with me to dads “some weekends” if I insisted on seeing my dad.

I feel sorry for this kid…

It was extra bad when dad would take me on vacations and my stepbrother would beg to go with us and I would say no. My mom would tell me to ask my dad and I’d say no.

She’d tell me I was a brother whether I wanted to be or not and I would include my sibling who wanted to go. I told her to pay for a vacation for us all.

But I wasn’t letting her stepson intrude when I was with my dad. My birthdays were always a **** show too because I got two and dad always did something fun with me and my friends.

You know what’s coming next…

This year is no exception and he’s taking us someplace really awesome. But it’s a place my stepbrother has wanted to go to for years or something and when my dad gave my mom a heads up about it (he has to when he takes me out of state, just like she has to do the same) she told her stepson and he wants to come.

I don’t want him there.

Mom told me not to be a jerk and that they can’t afford to take the family there. I told her it wasn’t my problem.

Her stepson tracked me down at school and begged me. I told him no.

My mom and her husband told me I was being such a **** to him.


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Sorry kid. Not this time!

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