May 20, 2024 at 1:45 am

His Boss Said He Had To Call Every Shift Before He Could Clock Off, So He Complied And Even Called Late At Night On The Weekend

by Trisha Leigh

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Sometimes, our bosses get on a high horse and demand something before they really think through the consequences.

So, it’s our job to ask them – through our actions – if that’s really what they want.

The following story is about a boss who figured he would catch an employee in some kind of trap by making him call before he left his shift.

It didn’t work.

My Boss wanted me to call him so I did.

A lil back story.

So about two weeks ago my boss hung onto some petty stuff about my work and thought he would punish me by ordering me to call him at the end of all of my shifts so I would sign off.

What he wasn’t aware is the fact that I always stay till the next shifts arrive.

Anyway, my colleagues like to come a little later on weekends.

He was singing a different tune while he was trying to party and his employee kept calling to interrupt.

Onto the main story.

I live in Germany and we recently had public holidays where I mainly had night shifts while he was out and about partying and staying up late.

So I did just as he said and called him while my colleagues had to sit next to me watching my s*** eating grin and heard: Good Morning Sunshine! I wanna go home.

He was obviously confused, half drunk and tired saying: Yes, yes go.

It didn’t take him long to ask him to stop, in fact.

The next day he didn’t pick up so I called his boss to tell her i go home.

At the end of the weekend with holidays he gave up and told me I don’t have to call him anymore.

Reddit’s gotta love this succinct little tale!

Literally we get it.

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Every parent figures this one out fast enough.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

When it’s time to go…

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This kind of trickle-down works.

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Who doesn’t like fun?

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

I mean, he just did what he asked.

What a silly thing to demand in the first place.

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