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Her Friend Gave Her A Very Revealing “Joke” Bikini As A Gift, So She Wore It In Front Of Her Friend’s Boyfriend And He Couldn’t Stop Staring

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@jernejgraj

Well, well, well…it seems like the “joke” in this story BACKFIRED on the person who tried to pull a fast one…

Nice try!

But did this woman take things too far?

Check out her story below and see what you think.

AITA for wearing the “joke” bikini my friend got me?

“So it was my birthday couple months ago.

Had a party. Got some gifts. My friend “Mandy” got me a “super cute bikini”.

I liked it. Said thanks. She had ripped the tags off but whatever.

Anyway. Went to the community pool with my roommate. Wore bikini. Got in the water.

And now the fun begins…

Roommate immediately is like uhm girl…. that this bikini is now kinda see thru.

Haha good joke Mandy.

Anyway, Mandy invited me over to her place to hang out with her and her bf and a few others. Most leave and we’re still hanging out. I’m like hey, what if we get in your hot tub? I go change after them. And meet her bf in the hot tub she’s getting new drinks.

I hop in.

My eyes are up here!

Immediately, he’s looking at my chest. I pretend I don’t notice and just make small talk.

She comes out a few min after. And just looks in shock. Eventually gets in.

“Uhh is that the one I bought?”

“Yeah I love it. I wear it everywhere.”

Make up some stuff about how I wore it to the beach, some party with lots of guys, etc. and she’s just like “oh”.

We’re in the tub for 20-30. Eventually get out and change.

She approached me after and was like. “Uhm I’m sorry I thought you’d notice. But it goes kinda see thru”.

You did this!

I’m like, “Yeah I know why’d you buy me a ******* see thru bathing suit?”

She’s like “it’s a joke. Wait you knew? So you just spent last 30’ flashing my bf on purpose?”

I reply I’m just wearing my birthday gift from her.


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Hey, she asked for it…

Well, she got it!

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