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Her Sister-In-Law Refused To Stop Insulting Her Husband, So She Snapped Back And Pointed Out Brother-In-Law’s Infidelity

by Matthew Gilligan

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Sometimes, you have to draw the line and put your foot down.

And that’s especially true when it comes to people insulting your family members.

That’s a step too far!

So was this woman a jerk for what she said to her sister-in-law after she wouldn’t let up on her husband?

Let’s see what’s going on here…

AITA for snapping at my SIL after she kept insulting my husband?

“I have a SIL, “Alison”, who is married to my brother “Harvey”.

She’s not too crazy about her SIL.

I will be honest, I don’t like Alison. She’s the most negative, bitter person I’ve ever had to spend more than an hour with.

She has a negative opinion about everything, but notably, my husband.

Most of the time I just brush it off but we’re all at my parents’ for Christmas and her comments have been constant.

And she has plenty of reasons…

Example 1 – She doesn’t like that me or my husband refer to him looking after our daughter as “babysitting.”

Unpopular opinion nowadays, but I don’t mind it. We actually both use the term for when one of us wants to do a recreational activity and the other has our daughter.

I say “he’s at golf so I’m babysitting” and he’ll say “she’s going to dinner so I’m babysitting.”

However, Alison is only upset when my husband says it.

Example 2 – She needles him by asking pointed questions that she thinks “any mother would know” and then gets smug when he doesn’t know the answer.

Example 3 – Every time I do anything with my daughter (and I do most things with her around me because that’s what she’s used to) Alison makes comments about me being to be a “married single parent”

I’ve told her to stop many times. I’ve told Harvey to stop her many times. Nothing works. My husband and I have an agreement that we don’t fight with the other’s side of the family so I feel bad that I haven’t been able to do anything about Alison’s comments.

There was an incident.

Then, two days ago, we were all in the dining room, with the exception of my husband who was finishing up some work.

Alison remarked that she hasn’t seen him all day and that it was really rude that he wasn’t putting in more effort to spend time with his daughter or the family.

I sternly told her that my husband is working to provide for his family and that not everyone can just take weeks off at a time.

Alison then said “of course you’d say that, you’re basically paid to be his bang-nanny.”

I’m a SAHM. I cannot remember the last time I was so enraged.

She decided to fight fire with fire.

Before i could even fully process my own thoughts, I said ,“Yeah, and you get cheated on for free. Tell me who got the better deal.”

For context, everyone knows about Harvey’s indiscretions, but I guess Alison didn’t know we were aware.

Alison went silent, then left the table. It’s been two days and she hasn’t said a word to me, barely any to anyone else, won’t even make eye contact.

Harvey is livid that I brought it up, but I told him he had his chance to make her stop and he didn’t so I did.

Her family is divided on this one.

My dad said she messed around and found out, my mom said she feels bad because Alison is quite obviously humiliated.

I said she earned it from how she was always trying to embarrass my husband, but my mom says it’s different because no one took her seriously.

I think she threw a stone straight through her glass house but she does seem really miserable so I’m wondering if I’m the *******.”

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The SIL sure sounds like a handful…

No doubt this won’t end well.

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