January 8, 2024 at 4:48 am

Popular Chemistry Teacher Tells Class To Throw “Green Money” At Him In Appreciation, But The Students Get The Hilarious Last Laugh

by Trisha Leigh

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If there’s one thing a person learns from teaching high schoolers, it’s that your directions need to be extremely specific in every possible situation.

When OP’s class applauded him he made a joke – and then quickly clarified.

One day around 1990 I was teaching a HS chemistry class when the students unexpectedly started clapping after a demonstration.

Without stopping to think (a bad habit of mine) I said, “Next time don’t just applaud, throw money.”

Then, realizing I was talking to high schoolers, I added, “The green kind”.

Still, he was bombarded with coins.

The next day, at some point in my lecture some of the students started clapping while others started tossing coins.

For a couple of seconds nickels, dimes, and quarters bounced off my demonstration desk and the blackboard behind me.

He couldn’t get mad, once he looked closer.

Looking down at the change laying on the desk, floor, and chalk tray, I saw that every coin was GREEN.

Someone had used a green ‘magic marker’ on each coin.

It turns out he knew the culprit (and the coins) intimately.

It turns out that someone was my son, who was one of the students in that class.

And the coins laying all around me? They came from the can of spare change at my own house.

LOL, I was kind of proud of that kid! Eventually…

This gave me a good laugh – does Reddit find it funny, too?

They think his kid is going places.

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There was no way to win.

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That paints a pretty picture.

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Though this person thinks he lacked dedication.

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This person thinks OP was lucky.

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I love this innocent little tale.

There is some proof that teens aren’t all bad.

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