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New Neighbors Cut Down Their 100ft Tree, So They Took Them To Court And Got A $500k Settlement

by Trisha Leigh

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Neighbors can be a blessing or a curse, but for most of us, they are something we have to deal with at least some time in our lives.

The nice ones are fantastic, but sometimes they can make dealing with the bad ones that much harder.

OP and her family loved the old trees on their equally old property.

Background information: we live in an old and big manor that has been split into 3 attached houses.

The houses are about 150 years old and where built around 5 huge giant sequoias which were about 200 years old.

In the UK giant sequoias are very rare and the 2 in our garden up the house price by about £60,000.

We lived next to 2 really nice neighbors one young couple and one old couple.

Even when they did have to deal with not-so-great neighbors after beloved ones had passed.

The story: unfortunately, our old neighbors passed away, so their child and her family moved in (let’s call her Joe).

Joe was instantly a pain as we had been sharing chickens with the previous neighbors and Joe agreed to keep sharing them however on her nights she would constantly forget to put them away so we would have to check them every night anyway.

One night her little brats thought it would be funny to open our personal duck pen in the night which leads to a mass slaughter later the chickens went the same way.

About 2 years ago there was a storm and one of her sequoias somehow fell over and died they were distraught (understandably) but from then on, the jealousy started.

She would constantly complain about how lucky we were to have 2 sequoias in our garden and how our sequoia was making too much shade in their garden (it wasn’t) anyway we just thought it was Joe being a pain, there were a few dry threats like they will chop it down or maybe the next storm will blow it down.

Then they came home from holiday to learn one of their trees was completely gone.

Until we came back from a holiday to France to find a huge 6-meter stump and nothing else! I mean how do you get rid of a 100ft tree in like 2 weeks. 2 of our old British oak trees had been crushed as well.

My mum and sisters where crying my dad were red in the face and we had no evidence Joe had done it.

She claimed that there had been a storm and she had to get rid of it. we had a security camera at the front of the house, but you can get in the back if you go through a few fields.

We then were given an £8000 bill for damages to her property and to have the tree chopped up and removed the wood alone would have been worth a small fortune.

The neighbors claimed it was damaged, but trail cam evidence ended up proving her wrong.

We had lost all hope and 2 weeks had passed when my dad came running in from the garden.

We had put up a wildlife camera a few months ago and had caught everything, we got a lawyer on the phone and started our revenge.

We got a tree surgeon out who said it was an original specimen brought into the UK in 1860, along with the 2 that were in Elvaston castle country park, there were 218 around the UK but only 60 now.

He also told us to call out an engineer because the roots might be in the foundation so when they rot it could damage the house, turns out we would need to redo the foundations.

Then we took Joe to court and sued them for damage to property, trespassing and lots of other smaller claims.

The neighbors had to pay out the nose and OP is living high on the hog.

The tree would cost 250K to have another sequoia that was 200 years put in and looked after (it’s basically impossible) plus the damage to the foundation which was 200K and the 2 oaks which were another 25k. so with the smaller claims.

It went to about £500,000 ($700,000). They had to move out.

And we have now paid off the mortgage done a lovely loft and kitchen conversion and have basically done up the house and garden as well as plant a 60-year-old sequoia tree in the back garden.

We also had our kitchen counter and table made from the old sequoia.

We now have a new lovely family living next to us who we share chickens, ducks and pygmy goats with (there very nice and I make a fortune babysitting their kids)

Tree lovers unite!

Jealousy really doesn’t pay, y’all.

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Sometimes karma shows up right on time.

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The video really was the nail in the coffin.

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It was a horrible act by a horrible person.

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The law sides with the trees.

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As a tree hugger myself, I would have been devastated.

They got what they deserved.

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