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Older Sister Was Forcing Her Younger Sister To Work for No Pay, So Another Sibling Stepped In And Ruined Her Life

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@josuemichelphotography

It’s amazing to me how some people treat others

And it’s REALLY amazing how some people treat their own family members!

Check out this “Pro Revenge” story from Reddit and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

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My sister doesn’t want to free her live-in unpaid maid, so I got her fired.

“Obligatory backstory: Many of you have probably heard of families with strong hierarchy structure, normally with the eldest in the family having the most influence.

My family is one of them, except that my parents are drug addicts, so my eldest sister (31F, our EntitledMother) raised all 5 of us.

She is the boss of the family. She says “Jump”, everyone says “How high?”.

The focal point of the story is my youngest sister (20F, who I’ll call LittleSister). Most of us have a handful or at least a couple of memories with our mother before she lost her ****, except for LittleSister. For her, EntitledMother is the only mum she ever had, and EntitledMother knows how to take advantage of that.

All of us noped out of our parents house as soon as we turned 18, except for EntitledMother who waited until LittleSister and our brother were raised and in their mid-teens to move across the country (and soon found jobs and accommodations for all of us to move to the same state as her).

Then she changed her mind…

LittleSister begged for years to move in with her, but EntitledMother always denied, saying that somebody had to take care of our father and because she and her new husband needed privacy and space.

That was until EntitledMother got pregnant.

She got LittleSister to move in with her and she has been there for the past two and a half years, “helping out”.

Now to the story: EntitledFather’s family wanted to visit for a couple of weeks, so LittleSister had to stay with me for that time so that they could use her room.

It’s worth noting that EntitledMother didn’t ask or let me know about it, she just dropped LittleSister off.

This was going to be an illuminating conversation.

One day she saw me studying for my masters degree and said something about how she always wanted to go to college and this is how it went:

Me: “So why don’t you?”

LittleSister: “Oh, I talked to EntitledMother about it but she said not everyone is the college type and that I wouldn’t have time to work, study and take care of Niece at the same time. And it’s expensive.”

Me: “Most people work and study and at the same time, and she can put Niece in a daycare. I’m sure it wouldn’t be that much more expensive than what she’s already paying you.”

LittleSister: “She doesn’t pay me. She already gives me food and shelter and if I need money I just take a shift at work.”


And this is how I learned my sister was not only babysitting, but also cleaning the whole house for free everyday. She was even only working 8 hours a week at her normal job because she was too busy taking care of our niece.

Long story short, it took me weeks to convince her to apply to community college, and then more weeks on the actual process but she finally got confirmation she would start in september. All of that behind EntitledMother’s back.

She was planning on telling everyone the next time we all got together, which would be Independence day.

But before that could happen, EntitledMother got everyone together at her house to announce that she was pregnant. LittleSister starts crying because now she wouldn’t be “allowed” to go to college. EntitledMother gets “deeply hurt and offended” that she planned this behind her back.

I stepped in. Our other siblings stepped in. It’s just generally a mess.

It was time to set the record straight.

“How could you do this to me? Who’s going to take care of the babies? I can’t believe you’d be so selfish! If you like OP so much, go stay with her!”

These were all some of the things she said. She kicked me and LittleSister out, who stayed with me until they made peace. Both of our siblings reached out, one to say that I should have minded my own business, and other to tell me she was on my side but wouldn’t say anything.

After that LittleSister moved back with her and didn’t go to college. But they agreed she would get paid 6 dollars an hour and be allowed to take more shifts at her job until the baby is born, and then go to real college after the child turns one year old.

I know it’s messed up, but all of them – especially LittleSister – worship EntitledMother like a god. I waited a year to act on my revenge, making sure my sister had saved enough money to live on her own.

It was time to teach this woman a lesson.

The revenge:

First, what I did was research the legality of paying a homeless person in food and shelter. In the US and depending on the state it’s legal as long as you do not cross the line and the person becomes an employee. For example: You can give the person a list of tasks you want done, however you can not say that it has to be done in a certain amount of time.

You also can not request someone to be somewhere at a certain time. You can ask but not demand on the time. It comes down to a choice of words. Also you have to comply with rental laws.

If your local laws say that you must give 30 days notice to a tenant, then you must give 30 days notice to this person as well. I had proof of all of the situation, several screenshots of EntatliedMother admitting not paying and not allowing LittleSister to move out/ get a job and also admitting to kicking her out whenever she wanted.

All this technicality seemed worthless since no one would sue her. But that didn’t matter, I just wanted to make sure that her boss knew that if she were to be sued, it would be a sure case.

She could be royally screwed for this.

EntitleMother works for a civil rights attorneys’ office, so discovering she has a literal modern day slave would probably get her fired. I could have just created a burner email and sent it all to her boss, but then they would explain to her why she’s getting fired, and that would get me and LittleSister in trouble.

So what did I do?

EntitledMother was always complaining about one of the bosses on her job that didn’t like her and had tried to get her fired for ages. I went to the company site, found the woman (thankfully she was the only “Ashley” that worked there), found her on instagram and facebook.

There she had a post tagging her yoga studio. Went to said studio and created my membership. It took a few weeks of trial and error trying to find exactly what class Ashley belonged to, but I finally found her. Then I went to yoga class every Tuesday and Friday at 8a.m for months, slowly building a friendship with her.

Around 3 months in she asked to follow me on instagram, and I was already prepared for this scenario, having deleted the few pictures I had with EntitledMother. After 9 months, when our friendship was a strong baby, I brought up the crazy coincidence that I found out she worked with EntitledMother.

It was time to spill the beans.

Before things could get awkward I said “It’s ironic that she works for civil rights, considering, y’know, everything…”.

That got Ashely’s attention. I told her everything. Showed every screenshot.

I could practically see her eyes shining. They had their own history that is not important to the story, all you need to know is: EntitledMother is a jerk.

Ashely wants revenge as much as I do.

I told her about LittleSister situation and why EntitledMother couldn’t ever know about this.

This is why being friends with Ashley was so important – if I had just sent them the proof and explained the situation they would have probably just ignored it, since this was a very legitimate reason to fire her and they wouldn’t risk firing her for a minor mistake and maybe getting sued.

I sent her the files with her promise that EntitledMother wouldn’t hear about this, but she needed it to convince the other owner – who was the reason why she wasn’t fired yet.

And then she got hers!

Two months later, EntitledMother was fired for minor mistakes, lateness and general bad productivity.

Small victory, sure, but I loved coming to visit her during the 4 months she was unemployed.

She was looking so tired and miserable all the time since she had no money to pay for a babysitter and LittleSister is away at college, so she actually had to take care of her children.

Moral of the story: check on your siblings, they might be living in a modern slavery arrangement.”

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Wow, their sister sounds like a total psycho.

I’m glad she got what was coming to her!

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