January 10, 2024 at 6:48 am

Phones Are Ruining Our Lives And This Guy Explains Why It’s So Hard To Stop Using Them. – ‘Before phones what did we do?’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@samueljefforsonandrews

Our phones have become an extension of us to a great extent but did you ever think what if you didn’t have one? Would you panic…. or?

Well, this guy thinks instead of panicking at the thought of not having a phone, we should actually be somewhat disturbed by the fact we HAVE phones and they’re literally with us from the moment we wake until we sleep.

Are we living in dystopia without realizing it?!

Read on!

Source: TikTok/@samueljefforsonandrews

@samueljefforsonandrews told his followers on TikTok (using his phone): “I think that this is the most in your face, but you can’t see it, problem that we have as as a generation here.”

Agreed! Phones are everywhere and they completely dominate our lives.

He sets the scene, “So, imagine that you’re walking somewhere and you’re waiting for somebody at the place that you’re going. Chances are you are walking and within like 10 seconds, you reach into your pocket and you pull out your phone and you go on Instagram or TikTok, or your photos app, like just anything that will stop the boredom of your mind roaming because you have nothing to think about or nothing to do, something to distract yourself.”

Source: TikTok/@samueljefforsonandrews

I think we’ve all been there, yes?

He continues, “And then you get there and you’re waiting for your friend and you do the same thing and you’re just on your phone. You’re sitting there pretending like you’re doing something quite important, but before phones what did we do? We just walked and we just sat and we just looked around and thought and were bored and spoke to the person next to us. And just that was part of life. It’s dystopian that we’ve lost that part of life. But we we do it every day as individuals.”

Source: TikTok/@samueljefforsonandrews

The reason we do all of this?

He explains further, “I do it too because it’s what feels best. It’s what’s most comfortable. We choose comfort, because we’re able to whether you’re on the train, in an elevator, walking somewhere, waiting for a class to start. Everybody is on their phones in their own world, with their headphones on, me included. You included, probably. It shuts down so many of the things that would have happened if you didn’t have your phone now….”

Source: TikTok/@samueljefforsonandrews

He sums it up with some questions…

“What do you think about this? Do you think it’s as big an issue as I as I think it probably is? And how do you think we can solve this?… Do you agree that this is an issue and how do you think we can solve it from my perspective? I think that this.”

Now, come on, mind blown – right?

Well, pre phones, I gotta confirm, strangers often talked to each other!

Ouch, I know.

Watch the full clip here:


sometimes it gets me down its just so much part of our lives now #fyp

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Of course the internet reacted hugely to this:

Imagine. People on the train used to talk to each other, or read the newspaper…. wild, right?!

Source: TikTok/@samueljefforsonandrews

Hollywood’s not calling!

Source: TikTok/@samueljefforsonandrews

Destination oh no!

Facecom1 Phones Are Ruining Our Lives And This Guy Explains Why Its So Hard To Stop Using Them.   Before phones what did we do?

The ironic part? You’re probably reading this on your phone.

So… yeah. Don’t know what to say about that exactly.

You’re welcome?

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