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Rude Guest Made Hotel Workers Cry, So Co-Worker Digs Into His Account And Ruins His Reputation With The Company

by Trisha Leigh

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I would guess that a majority of people in this world are pretty passive, and tend to go with the flow, not make waves, etc, just by nature.

The wrong kind of person knows that, and takes advantage as often as they can.

The thing is, you never know when you’re going to run into someone who is definitely not going to let that crap slide.

OP worked for a hotel, and he was very protective of his coworkers.

Backstory: I worked at this hotel for over 2 years and was one of two people left that went through the training when our hotel changed hotel franchises. During this training we were told about certain rules the company had.

Cast: Manager – Front Desk Manager he only was here for 4-6 months at this point.

Me – I am a nice guy unless you are a bully or entitled person.

A few others I will mention as we go through.

When they had a guest who was screaming and being very rude, he quickly figured out a way to make him pay.

Story: One afternoon I was scheduled to work second shift 3-11. I walked in and both AM front desk co-workers looked like they had been massively crying as their makeup was smeared. My manager looking quite pissed.

I ask, “What’s wrong?”

Manager “We have a major jerk as a guest. This guy is the highest level on the rewards for the hotel chain. He is very demanding and wants free upgrades free this or that and screams anytime he has an interaction with the staff. This guy has made every department call me complaining about him. Now this guy just came to the desk and screamed at these two co-workers until they both were crying.”

These two ladies were fresh high school graduates and were very sweet and innocent people. They loved helping people and didn’t deserve this treatment.

As he is explaining this, I look up this guy’s room details. Once my manager finishes explaining everything this guy had done. I see this guy’s info I had a smile from ear to ear.

I reply, “Didn’t you see he is an employee of a different hotel?”

Manager “Yes, but so what?”

I replied “First off while you travel as an employee you are required to behave and be respectful. it is in the fine print on the discount form. I grabbed his form and showed it to the manager. Failure to be respectful can lead to having your employee discount suspended or permanently revoked, and even get you terminated.

You need to call this guy’s hotel and ask for the GM, then explain to him who you are and what this guy is doing.”

I look up the hotel phone number and call the hotel and then handed my manager the phone.

But getting him in trouble with his boss wasn’t good enough.

Manager after his call ends with the GM, he has an evil and satisfying smile on his face. “His GM is steaming mad after I described all the stuff this guy has done.”

Main switchboard phone rings.

I answered, “Hello thank you for calling hotel name, how may I direct your call?”

Caller “I want to speak to Entitled Jerks room please.”

I replied, “absolutely sir have a nice day.”

Transfer the call and looked at my manager and saying with a sarcastic tone “Someone wanted to talk to Entitled Jerk gee I wonder who that could be.”

Manager continues after he stopped laughing “The GM gave me his personal cell phone number and said if I have any more issues at all to call him immediately. I am leaving the phone number next to the switchboard, if you need it call him.”

So, OP went after his high-level rewards account.

I told manager “Your revenge is done, now for my revenge.”

Manager wide eyed “Oh crap what are you going to do.”

Me smiling a very evil smile “You’ll see.”

I pick up the phone to make a call “Hello hotel rewards customer service. Yes, I would like to report someone using reward account while using employee discount on his stay.”

Customer Service “He can’t do that!!”

I replied, “I know I am calling to report him.”

I gave her the guest reservation number and rewards member number.

I continued “I bet anything if you dig through this guy’s history you will find all his stays are probably at employee discount.”

Customer Service “I am starting a ticket to have this guy’s account investigated.”

I replied, “Thank you.” Then hang up the phone. The manager watched as I then remove his rewards number from his stay.

My manager had a huge grin on his face “That was awesome!”

And made sure all of the employees were aware of that fact

I explain “Oh I am not quite finished with him yet; it is time to go spread the news to all departments he is no longer a rewards member.” I made a new key for his room without Concierge access.

I walked around to every department, as I explained why I was stopping by everyone had the same reaction as soon as I mentioned the guy’s name. “Oh god now what about this jerk.”

I finished explaining how he was no longer a reward member and if he gives anyone issues to call the front desk immediately and his GM already probably tore him a new one just a min ago. Everyone was so happy at this news.

I finally went to the concierge room used the guest new key to void his current key. Then I walked into the room and explained the information to the evening concierge.

She cringed at the mention of his name, after explaining she would not have to deal with him again and asked her to leave the morning person a note about this guy not allowed in the concierge room anymore. She was very happy.

He was the hero of the hour!

While I was gone evidently the manager explained what we did to the 2 AM Front desk ladies. The minute I got back to the desk both my front desk co-workers all came up to me and gave me a huge hug and thanked me so many times.

Manager to me after the other co-workers went home “Do me a huge favor please.”

I replied, “Sure what’s up.”

Manager “If I ever make you angry, please come tell me so I can fix the issue.”

Later that night entitled jerk comes to the desk hat in hand politely saying his key doesn’t work.

I replied, “Oh so sorry about that let me make you a new key.” In the best fake smile, I can muster.

Aftermath: Next day I check his rewards account and it is now suspended.

Check back next week “Sorry account number not found.”

You definitely don’t want to get on this guy’s bad side, y’all. Yeesh!

The top comment says usually people who work in hospitality are more understanding.

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Others have encountered this before, though.

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It’s a thing, even if it is gross.

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But you know, it usually pays to be nice.

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I blame the government.

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As always, this is your reminder to be kind when you can.

It goes a long way.

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