January 9, 2024 at 4:48 am

Should Boys Do Their Own Laundry? This Mom Explains Why It’s Key To A Healthy Relationship

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@thatdarnchat

We’ve all heard this mantra since we were kids that boys like to get dirty and girls play with dolls. Well, isn’t it time we really got rid of old gender roles?

And it looks like the laundry is another stereotypical gender role that needs to get assigned to history.

This TikToker believes that if moms keep teaching their sons it’s their future wife who’s gonna look after the house, they’ll never man up to take their fair share of the housework and that’s bad for women!

Source: TikTok/@thatdarnchat

@thatdarnchat responded to a video on TikTok by a mom who was explaining her routine doing her son’s laundry and weirdly she made the clip for her ‘future daughter-in-law,’ saying she didn’t want her to spend all her time doing her boy’s laundry!

She said: “There’s a lot here….teach him how to do it (the laundry). Better yet, if there’s a man in your life, have him teach him how.”

Source: TikTok/@thatdarnchat

And then she went and hit us with some pretty sobering facts, referencing some research.

She said: “By the age of 15, boys are spending more time on leisure activities than their female counterparts on average. Six hours a day versus girls who spent five. What are they doing with that time? Errands, housework, homework and grooming. On average girls are doing about the same amount of paid work but twice as much housework, volunteering and errands. How do you think this affects people’s access to opportunities?”

Source: TikTok/@thatdarnchat

“If you don’t want his future spouse spending their time doing his laundry, then don’t teach him that it’s his future spouse’s responsibility. He’s capable treat him that way.”

Moms should never teach their boys women are their lesser, when women are their equal!

Watch the full insightful clip here:


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The internet was divided on this mom’s advice!

Should she ever have to have done his laundry.

Source: TikTok/thatdarnchat

Some people are more bothered about how that washing up is done than the ethics…

Source: TikTok/thatdarnchat

This boy got his lesson learned early!

Source: TikTok/thatdarnchat

Please always teach your kids that men and women are equal.

Our society depends on it.

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