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Teacher Doesn’t Think Autistic Kid’s Snacks Are Healthy Enough, So Parent Follows Their Orders And Lets The Kid Pick For Himself

by Addison Sartino

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Teachers who don’t seem to like children always baffle me.

This father took to Reddit to share the story of the battle between him and his son’s teacher.

My then grade 2 child (ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder) was having a battle of wills with his teacher.

She was a very religious, inflexible teacher who not only didn’t seem to believe in ASD, but she also argued with me over my child’s colour-blind diagnosis.

I had to pay to get a report from his eye doctor to get it added to his plan (since we had one for the ASD and sometimes he needed a little help with maps or art).

The eye doctor was not impressed that she knew better than he did.

While this father is present for his child’s wants and needs, he also values teaching moments.

On to the malicious compliance.

Teacher and I were often butting heads over various things related to his accommodations so when an issue came up over snacks, my child wanted me to deal with that as well.

In this case I refused, letting my child know that some things were general classroom rules that teachers can decide on and I wasn’t going to get involved.

Basically, the teacher wanted the more healthy snack eaten at morning recess and the less healthy one at afternoon recess.


Children, of course, have autonomy in their decisions, despite the rules set in place.

His ASD self decided that this rule was senseless and made it his hill to die on.

He refused to eat any snacks and for some reason this was a problem.

So, the VP got involved (really who cares if he’s eating but I digress) and offered him a banana from the breakfast program.

Oh, don’t do that…

Huge mistake because in child’s mind that’s open for business.

The very next day child wants to access all the breakfast choices and see what he feels like.

So, the VP calls me.

Parenting tips for the parent who has consistently expressed his son’s needs….from the person who has consistently ignored them?

Yeah, this will work out…

VP – brings me up to speed. Shares concern about him asking for more bananas.

me – tragic error on your part as his brain sees that as an available option for him. Mentions the healthy snack conundrum.

VP – you should be taking him shopping to allow him to pick his own snacks, so he’ll eat them.

me – he’s usually with me and actually helps quite a bit for all the meals

(inside my head – thanks for the parenting strategies /s)

VP – ok byeee

me – same

I plan to ignore this little nugget because after much special ed fighting my bucket is empty.

So the father plays along.

Child returns from school that day. We head to Target to get a baby shower gift.

While shopping child tells me his teacher ALSO said I must allow him to help pick the snacks.

Apparently, I don’t know how parenting works so thankfully the school system is here to correct all my errors.

And remember – she started this little issue by her healthy snack rule. And his snacks were yogurt and a granola bar – not the best but not the worst.

But I can follow orders.

Digging his heels in…

I said “child, anything the light touches here is yours to choose from. Two items for snack! Anything you want!”

I did not help him to be clear because what would be the fun in that?

And the light of my life, the joy in my heart, made his choice and took them to school until they ran out.

Twinkies and one of those giant, clear, barrel jars of cheese balls.

I was very impressed. I’d never even bought Twinkies for him before!

And as predicted, more commentary from the teacher.

Unsurprisingly the teacher sent me a note about these not being healthy choices to which I gleefully wrote back that I was “following the school’s instructions and who could have predicted?”

Those cheese balls lasted a long, long time.

Readers were delighted in the father’s decision making.

One person commented to commend the dad.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Another reader shared their own story of school staff annoyances.


Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

This person kept it sweet and simple.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Hopefully this child will have teachers who better recognize his needs moving forward.

Kudos to dad for handling it like a champ!

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