January 4, 2024 at 7:44 pm

Wealthy Uncle Insults The Groom’s Father, So He Embarrassed Him And Told Him To Leave The Wedding

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

Ah, weddings. Those days that are all about celebrating love and the future, and the coming together of two families forevermore.

Or, according to reddit, days that are all about drama, which always arrives in one way or another.

OP was forced to invite a much-despised uncle to his wedding, because FaMiLy.

I (34 M) had my wedding yesterday with my wife Lisa (34 F). A lot of our relatives/friends attended, including my uncle, who’s in his mid eighties.

He’s never cared about me since I was born, and has not checked in with me either. He was virtually non-existent throughout my life.

Years ago, when we were homeless and required help, we reached out to him to lend us some money/help us find another house (he’s really rich and has a lot of connections) but he refused anything and never bothered to ask what had become of us either.

I didn’t want to invite him to my wedding, but my parents said I had to, and in the end I did.

Predictably, the uncle behaved horribly and insulted the very people who insisted he be there for the big day.

He came along with his family, and before the wedding ceremony, he came to me and said congratulations, and then stated “Congratulations. I have also brought you an expensive present, unlike your loser of a father who could not give you much of anything.”

OP wasted no time in losing his mind.

I was shocked at the comment.

He was just smiling at me, but I lost my temper and said I don’t want anything from him. I yelled at him and asked him to **** off from the wedding, etc.

It resulted in a huge scene and in the end he had to leave, along with his family who were also yelling at me.

My other relatives present there are saying that I reacted very badly, etc. I am wondering whether I did the wrong thing now.


I don’t see any way he is the jerk, here, but sometimes Reddit has a mind of its own!

The top comment says it’s OP’s wedding, so he has the final call.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Respect your elders doesn’t always apply.

Source: Reddit/AITA

They say the man’s behavior was absolutely appalling.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Also, why did his parents still want to invite the guy?

Source: Reddit/AITA

This person says OP should be proud of themselves.

Source: Reddit/AITA

I think anyone with any amount of backbone would do the same thing.

This guy has gone for too long thinking his money makes him something he’s not.

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