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Woman Asks Mom With Two Kids To Give Up Her Table For Her Elderly Mother, But She Says No And Won’t Budge

by Trisha Leigh

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These days, stories about people being rude in public seem to crop up more and more often – you’re not safe from being yelled at, not even at the mall with your kids.


OP and her two small kids spent some time at the mall.

Her husband was going to be late picking them up, so she (and the kids) needed to take a load off.

I took my kids out to the mall the other day. My husband took the car to work so my brother dropped us off and my husband was going to pick us up.

We were there for a couple hours and the kids had loads of fun. But they’re 5 and 3 and were exhausted by the time my husband had to pick us up.

I was also extremely tired.

I ordered them some fries and then we sat at one of the tables at the food court. After a bit, I gave my oldest my phone to watch something while my younger one was napping in my arms.

My husband was stuck in traffic so he was going to be late by an hour so yeah.

Another woman approached and asked for her table. OP declined.

When we first sat down, the food court was pretty empty but it filled up fast. A young woman and her mother approached us and asked if we were done with the table.

I apologized and said no.

The younger lady got annoyed and said we clearly aren’t eating anything and that I’ve been sitting at the table doing nothing for 20 minutes now.

I apologized and said she could ask someone else.

She then started to guilt trip me about her mother being old and tired and how my kids and I are still young so we should be able to give up our table.

I said I’m sorry but there’s nothing you could say to make me move, please ask someone else.

Things escalated very quickly.

She then got closer and started yelling about how disrespectful and rude I’m being towards her sick mother.

It was very loud and other people started looking.

My oldest got scared and my younger one who was napping woke up upset.

I immediately asked her to be quiet as she’s scaring my kids.

She rolled her eyes at me and said my kids are in public and aren’t entitled to quiet. I just said you and your mother aren’t entitled to a table either.

She got mad and said it’s entirely different but a security guard approached us.

We explained what happened and he told her that she was causing a scene and she left after calling me rude and entitled.

A few people thought she should have just given up the table.

The security guard then told me that I should’ve just given up the table but it’s none of his business and walked away.

My husband said I did good but his coworker that was with him privately told me I couldn’t have been that tired and that I’m in public and should have some awareness.

He said older people need to sit down more than little kids do and definitely more than I do.


Does Reddit agree? I’d love to know!

The top comment says OP had just as much right to the table as anyone else.

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This person says the woman obviously picked the wrong target.

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That woman has obviously never been a tired mom.

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And this commenter tells OP to ignore the noise.

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Men are going to man.

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I love that she stood her ground.

I hope that screaming lady learned a lesson about who not to harass.

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