April 30, 2024 at 2:33 pm

The New Tenant Wanted To Keep Some Furnishings, But She Didn’t Want To Pay For Them. So The Current Renter Left Her A Blank Slate.

by Chris Allen

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Being frugal has its many perks.

Shopping on a budget or saving up for a big vacation; always a great plan!

But being so frugal as to take advantage of folks?


You know that kind of cheap when you see it.

Next tenant was cheap; wanted my stuff for nearly nothing. She didn’t get to keep anything.

I rented from a social housing society in the Netherlands.

Over here the renter is responsible for flooring, wallpaper or paint, gardening themselves.

I had taken great care and great pride in both decorating the house and growing a beautiful garden.

Then it was time to move.

When I moved, I talked with the next tenant to see what she wanted to keep. But for a price of course.

That’s how things are over here.

But she was cheap and refused to agree upon a reasonable price for the lot.

I got the feeling she gambled I was not able to remove the lot anyway.

Time to take action.

She gambled wrong.

I gathered a bunch of friends and within two days everything was gone.

Bare concrete floors. Bare concrete walls. Bare old dirty wooden stairs. The minimal kitchen.

And the garden was just an empty, flat, black soil wasteland. Everything was gone including the 3mx5m wooden shed.

The fence at the very back, gone.

All the nice tiles, plants and flowers, bushes and a pear tree, gone.

But it was the fact that he heard about her reaction that made it all priceless.

I was very pleased when I closed the door of that house behind me one final time.

Later I heard from a friend who lived a couple of houses down the road from that house, that the new lady was upset with how she found the place, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Well, perhaps the lady learned a thing.

Lesson: learned. Petty revenge: earned.

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You really can take frugality too far.

Perhaps this woman has now figured this out.

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