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Woman Steals Soldier’s Car And Gets Him Beat Up For Trying To Take It Back. So He Gets Revenge On All Of Them.

by Ryan McCarthy

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If there’s one thing you don’t mess with, it’s a man’s car.

This goes double for military men, who are famous for treating cars like their own flesh and blood.

Someone should have told that to the crazy girlfriend in this story, before she stole her deployed boyfriend’s car and had her friends beat him up when he came back to get it!

Check out how he got his revenge for yourself!

That’s Not Your Car, Lady!

So this happened around 2008. My buddy Brock had gotten out of the military after 10 years.

He’d started in the Marines but transitioned into the Army for the last 4 years before buying a house in Texas.

When he got out he did a variety of jobs before landing a gig with a Repo service.

He worked there for a year and had a lot of wild stories but this one sticks out the most as he helped a fellow soldier get revenge on an evil ex.

This story starts out with the rare and exotic “Good Karen”!

Brock was at the office speaking with his manager, whom I’ll refer to as Karen. Now this particular Karen had  was a force for good if you can believe that.

While they were talking they see a young man enter the office. They immediately noticed He had two black eyes and an arm was in a sling.

The Young Man whose name I unfortunately never learned but I’ll call Ben, asked how hard it would be for them to help repossess his car.

Karen called her daughter in, Karen Jr, and had her pour Ben a cup of coffee. Karen then asked Ben to “tell her a story”.

Ben’s story was not a happy one, as his two black eyes suggested!

Ben began with telling her that he had just returned from a deployment.  He had been dating a local girl that lived outside of the Famous Fort Hood before the deployment.

Thanks to a previous deployment he had managed to get himself a used black Dodge Charger, which was his baby.

He further explained that shortly after buying the car he had met the local girl, who I’ll call Morgan, who was always asking to drive his car but he would always decline.

Before his deployment Morgan repeatedly asked if she could borrow the car but he kept saying no.

After much needling he relented but on on the condition that she take care of his apartment until he comes back from Rest & Relaxation leave. She agreed.

When he returned, everything seemed to be in order…

Ben left for his deployment while Morgan took care of his place.

When Ben came back for leave he found his apartment immaculate. He pulled his car from storage, drove to Morgan’s.

He spent a few days with her before handing her the keys and heading to his home state to visit family before returning to his deployment.

But his next visit home wasn’t as picture-perfect…

When he walked into his apartment he found a layer of dust on just about every surface. It was almost like no one had been there in months.

When he checked his bedroom he’d found his room had been torn apart, all of his drawers had been searched and upturned.

He tried to call Morgan but never received an answer.

He located his safe, which was hidden, and found it hadn’t been touched. He then grabbed his spare key from the safe, called a buddy of his and they went to Morgan’s.

And Ben could never imagine what he would find there!

As they pulled up to Morgan’s he saw a car there that he initially didn’t recognize but as they got closer he realized it was his baby.

Morgan had the car painted hot pink and put 24 inch spinners on it. He tried the key just to make sure and the lights flickered as it unlocked.

While his buddy laughed Ben went to the front door and Morgan answered. He asked what happened to his car and she responded “it’s my car now.”

I don’t remember that being part of the agreement, but things were about to get even worse for Ben!

Ben walked away and hopped in his hot pink mess. As he started it four large dudes came out of Morgan’s house, one with a baseball bat, and yanked Ben out of his car.

They proceeded to beat the crap out of him in the driveway before his friend intervened, pulling his concealed carry pistol on the group.

He then took Ben to the hospital. I’m honestly not sure if the cops were called on this.

I’d assume yes but even then Ben said his friend drove by Morgan’s house a handful of times while he was in the hospital at random times and the car was never there.

Thank God for that friend, who knows how he could have been hurt if the friend hadn’t intervened!

Karen stared at Ben for a bit before asking for the paper work.

Ben handed it to her and Karen had a smile form on her face. She then asked Ben for Morgan’s phone number.

Ben gave it but wasn’t aware of what was about to happen. Karen handed the phone to Karen Junior who then dialed the number.

And this is where Good Karen comes in super clutch!

Karen Junior then began speaking to Morgan, telling her that they’d met at a local club and wanted to know if she was down to party that night.

Morgan agreed and the plan was set.

Brock parked his tow truck at the club and waited. Sure enough Morgan showed up with The Pink Monster, parked it, and went inside with some girlfriends.

Brock gave them five minutes before he stealthily drove up to the car and hooked it up. As he was pulling out with the Pink Monster Morgan walked out of the club.

She saw “her car” in the tow truck and began trying to flag Brock down but he was already out of there.

But the next day only brought more sweet sweet justice for Miss Morgan!

The next day it was business as usual at the office when Morgan called. She was furious that “her car was stolen” by them and wanted it back.

Karen, using her best customer service voice, told her if she had the registration she could come pick it up.

Morgan began screaming louder that she was gonna call the cops at which point Karen sarcastically told her “please do”, then hung up on her.

As this phone call was going on Brock happened to look out the window and saw Morgan standing next to a car in a vacant lot, throwing what appeared to be a temper tantrum.

After Karen hung up Brock watched her get in the car on the passenger side. Karen then looked out the window and had Brock verify it was her.

And so the tow truck made its second grand appearance!

Karen then proceeded to call the owner of the property Morgan and her friend were occupying and asked if he wanted their car towed. The owner ok’d it.

Brock then drove his truck over to the ladies in the car and introduced himself.

They tried to explain that they were waiting for Morgan’s boyfriend but Brock insisted they weren’t allowed to park there. They argued and called him every name in the book.

Brock then hooked up their car and lifted it partially off the ground, forcing the two to exit the vehicle. They tore into him until he showed them the tow order.

While this back and forth was going on Ben arrived at the office and Morgan saw him walk in. She ran to the office door and Brock proceeded to lower the car.

But when Morgan saw Ben walking in, things went from bad to worse!

When Brock went back to the office all hell had broken loose. Morgan apparently tried to snag the keys back from Ben but he pocketed them.

She began to hit him in his hurt arm and warned Ben that she’d call her friends to finish the job if she didn’t get “her keys” back.

Karen Jr had already called the cops at this point and Brock got in between Ben and Morgan, even telling Morgan to try hitting him to find out what would happen.

Morgan then tried to play the pity card and said she only wanted the keys to get her lap top out for school. Karen asked Ben to hand the keys over to Brock so he could grab the lap top.

Brock retrieved the laptop from the car and as he was handing it over she rushed to aggressively grab it but knocked it from Brock’s hands.

Can you guess who she blamed for her dropped laptop?

Completely furious at this point Morgan accused Brock of dropping the computer on purpose and threatened to sue.

The cops then arrived and Morgan began her sob story again, telling the police that they stole her car.

The police questioned Karen and Karen gave her casual smirk while asking if they wanted to see the security videos.

The police watched and listened as Morgan punched Ben several times and heard the threats she made about sending her friends after him.

You know Morgan’s heart dropped when she heard the words “security cameras”!

The police then turned to Morgan, who had turned ghost white at this point. She tried to tried to back her way to the door but the police stopped her.

They proceeded to ask about the car, Ben’s injuries, and who she planned on sending after him.

She initially denied everything but they already had evidence on her beating him up. She was arrested and Ben got his car back.

After the cops left Ben admitted he didn’t want to be seen in a car that looked like it was advertising pepto bismol and planned on trading it in for a GTO.

We later heard through the grapevine that the four guys who beat up Ben were arrested.

Morgan had ratted them out!

Wow! Where can I find my own friendly Karen to help solve my problems for me?

Don’t you just love to see people dig their own grave, and keep digging it?

Reddit, for one, loved seeing a “Karen” doing good in the world for a change!

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Does anyone else think the hot pink would look kind of cool?

Sign me up for one pepto-bismobile, please!