January 30, 2024 at 9:16 am

Women Get Expensive Surprise When They Discover “Bottomless Brunch” Doesn’t Include Food

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@aliasssb

Call me crazy, but I’d think that any kind of restaurant deal that’s advertised as “bottomless” would mean UNLIMITED CHOW, right?

Well, think again!

A woman named Bri shared a video on TikTok and showed viewers what happened after when she and a friend went to a “bottomless” brunch and found out the hard way that the deal pertained to drinks and not food at the restaurant.

Source: TikTok/@aliasssb

The video showed Bri and her friend chowing down on food…

And then the bill showed up…

Source: TikTok/@aliasssb

Bri said, “We already ate! What do you mean?”

Bri realized it was their fault and the caption to her video reads, “Learnt a lesson.”

Source: TikTok/@aliasssb

Check out the video.


learnt a lesson

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Let’s see how people reacted.

This individual was confused by this, too.

Source: TikTok/@aliasssb

Another TikTokker explained what the deal is…

Source: TikTok/@aliasssb

And this person had a similar experience…

Source: TikTok/@aliasssb

Whoopsy daisy!

I bet they won’t make that mistake again!

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