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After Losing Her Baby, Sister-In-Law Wants Brother’s Wedding Moved Because It Was Her Due Date, But They Keep The Day The Same

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

Man, there are some stories that come across Reddit that just make you feel badly for everyone involved.

That said, it’s the job of this sub to call someone an a——, even if they mean it in the nicest way possible.

OP and her fiance have had their wedding planned for some time.

My fiancé (32M) and I (26F) are getting married soon.

We have had everything booked and ready to go for almost 2 years because we got engaged during Covid.

They couldn’t move the date, even when they found out his sister was due with a baby the same weekend.

Coincidentally, we found out his brother’s wife / SIL (36F) was pregnant 6 months ago and the due date was the same weekend as our wedding.

When they told us, we all had to be okay with them and my MIL maybe not coming because there was nothing we could do to move our date either.

After her sister-in-law miscarried, she started making demands.

The thing is, SIL miscarried 4 months ago and it’s been incredibly difficult for her. She had been trying for a while and finally got pregnant with this baby.

While we were all devastated for her, the rest of the family has moved on and SIL has been extremely spiteful about this.

At first, she demanded my fiancé and I included her baby at my wedding.

We were going to save seats for family members who have passed with their pictures during the ceremony and SIL wanted us to print out photos of her sonogram scans and do the same.

I politely declined this idea because in all honestly I think it’s so morbid and just sad.

OP can’t give into them, but now shame and guilt are flying everywhere.

When I said no to this, she said she won’t be coming to the wedding anymore because this should not be a day of celebration, rather mourning for her unborn child.

She is now planning a memorial and telling family and friends to attend that instead of my wedding on the same day in honor of her due date.

It’s become this huge issue in the family of people feeling guilt tripped into SIL’s memorial and she told me if I wanted my own day, I have 364 others to choose from.

My fiancé had some not very nice words for her afterwards and now she’s acting like we are happy about her “child d—-”. AITA?

Does Reddit see any sense in giving in to the SIL? Let’s hear them out!

The top comment feels for the SIL, but thinks she needs to talk to a professional.

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This person wonders if maybe they could compromise a little?

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And this commenter, who has been there, agrees the SIL needs help.

Source: Reddit/AITA

As sad as it is, not everyone’s miscarriage can be included.

Source: Reddit/AITA

None of this is OP’s problem, as unsympathetic as that can sound.

Source: Reddit/AITA

It makes sense that this is a tough time for the SIL.

It doesn’t make sense, though, to make it a tough time for everyone else, too.

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