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Auto Plant Supervisor Laid Down The Law On Employee Who Was Following the Rules, So They Left The Company In The Lurch

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@carlosaranda

Here we go again, folks…

It’s yet another story from Reddit’s “Malicious Compliance” page about a worker who proved a big point to their employer.

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If you think that you can go home.

“I was a Tool and Dye maker by trade then and was working an overtime shift at a Tier 1 supplier automotive stamping plant on a Saturday morning at 6am.

Usually if anything is going to wrong it will happen in the first 30 minutes of a press start up since they have to align the coil and get the strip through the dye.

There were procedures to follow.

Once the presses get going then you can start to look at what dyes are scheduled to run next and check them accordingly. But if you start to work on a due and a press goes down it will most likely involve packing up whatever you have taken out already and rolling your toolbox to the press. This is why I was waiting 30 minutes before starting any shop work.

There was a snarky guy…

My Supervisor at the time (We’ll call him Rude-e) came into the tool room saw me reading paper and came over and asked what I was doing. I explained to him what I stated above to which he replied ” what’s next you want me to put a bed upstairs also”. I said if he did that I would support him %100 and laughed.

I guess he wasn’t amused because he said “if you think you are gonna come in on OT and stand around reading the paper for 30 minutes you can go home”. Rude-e then stormed off out of the shop.

Enter Malicious Compliance.

He asked for it.

After he left I started locking up my boxes and putting my shoes on. My co-worker on shift asked where I was going?. I told him Rude-e said I could go home.

About 20 minutes later Rude-e comes back into the shop looking for me, he asks my co-worker where I was, my co-worker told him that you told him he could go home. He then told my co-worker to come with him and he was stuck at a press for 3 hours alone.

If only he had been patient and trusted my judgement he would have had 2 guys on a press call and not 1.”

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