February 13, 2024 at 3:31 am

Customer Calls Out Texas Roadhouse Hostess For How She Treated Her Infant, But People Push Back Hard In The Comments

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@j.c.22

Dining out with a newborn is a tough undertaking!

Everything is new; both for the parents and especially that little nugget.

More and more restaurants and breweries these days are baby-friendly.

One TikTok user had a funny interaction with the hostess at a Texas Roadhouse, but the rest of the internet was not having it.

Source: TikTok/@j.c.22

“So I’m on a lunch date with my husband”, she says to the camera.

Probably great just to see sunshine, and hear another human’s voice who is not your screaming baby!

Then the waitress asks if “she’ll need a high chair”.

Source: TikTok/@j.c.22

“Will the baby need a drink?” the hostess asks.

With a grin, she responds “…nnnno…..”, because clearly she was holding a days-old infant.

Source: TikTok/@j.c.22

“We don’t need a high chair, the baby does not need a drink, and the baby does not need a plate to eat rolls” she says to the camera.

I mean hey, at least she wasn’t rude to the hostess!


Check out her telling of it here:


@Texas Roadhouse yall goofy. Ill take a margarita though

♬ original sound – .s.i.n.c.e.

Let’s see how this sent people off the deep end.

The tongue was firmly in cheek with this convo.

Source: TikTok/@j.c.22

One commenter was impressed at the chutzpah to film it in the booth.

Source: TikTok/@j.c.22

While one person felt the same, and the wit would be too hard to hold inside.

Source: TikTok/@j.c.22

Margaritas for 3, please.

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