February 27, 2024 at 4:46 pm

Customer Got Back At The Waitstaff Who Gave Her “Awful” Service By Paying In Pennies, But Then She Tipped $100

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@ugh_madison

Have you ever been to a Dick’s Last Resort restaurant before?

If not, let me fill you in: it’s a chain of eateries and the employees go out of their way to treat the customers like garbage.

Sounds fun, right?

Well, a woman named Madison decided to get some revenge on her waitress at a Dick’s restaurant and she documented the whole thing on TikTok.

Madison withstood the harassment of the staff, who threw napkins at her and even tied her to a chair.

Sounds like a fun night out!

Source: TikTok/@ugh_madison

But then it was Madison’s turn to get even…she decided to pay her bill in pennies.

Take that!

The waiter said, “No. The ****? You’re not.”

He then added, “I hate you so ******* much.”

Source: TikTok/@ugh_madison

Madison decided to be a good sport and tipped the waiter $100.

The waiter said, “At least you made it worth it. I would’ve followed you out to the street and fought you.”


Source: TikTok/@ugh_madison

Let’s see the video.


Paying with pennies at the worlds rudest restaurant!! dont think they liked it😭

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Here’s how people reacted.

One viewer got a kick out this video.

Source: TikTok/@ugh_madison

Another individual knew when he broke character.

Source: TikTok/@ugh_madison

And this TikTok user made a funny comment.

Source: TikTok/@ugh_madison

All’s well that ends well!

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