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Fast Food Manager Treated Her Staff Like Garbage, So Employee Had Friends Place A Fake Order And Cost The Manager Her Job

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Wikimedia Commons

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The Great Arby’s Avalanche.

“In my high school years I had a typical high school job of fast food worker at Arby’s.

Most of the job was very easy.. And surprisingly fun unless there was a real jerk manager that happened to be working that day.

Well… This is a story about revenge on a boss/manager.

Our store had a real gem female manager that was very out and open about her not liking men. She was gay (nothing wrong with that) and made it very clear to all males she absolutely did not matter to her.

She played favorites…

She would give females extra breaks, allow them to be late, give them free food etc. The males on the other hand were treated like actual piles of dog doodoo. The manager would leave us alone during busy times and sit in her car. She would take insane amount of smoke breaks and whine and complain at us when she’d come back and things would be all backed up.

They finally had enough…

Eventually several months of her garbage attitude and got the best of me and one day I had enough and I hatched a plan. Arby’s, at that time, used to take ‘call ahead’ orders on large workplace or party orders. People would call in and say they needed X amount of sandwiches for a luncheon.

These call in orders didn’t need verified in any way.. Anyone could call these in. I heard a different manager one time explain to someone that if someone were to call in a $300 order and ditch the order… He’d probably get fired for allowing that much beef to get wasted (the roast beef product at Arby’s is treated like gold).

Here it comes!

One day I knew this manager was working with me and I executed my plan. About halfway through the shift I used the bathroom and texted a friend that was willing to help me. I simply texted him ‘IT’S GO TIME!!’. My buddy then calls our store and puts in an order for 200 roast beef sandwiches.. Which at that time would be about $300-350.

This didn’t affect me whatsoever because I was on drive through that day and didn’t need to make food. My manager immediately gets mad that she had to make all this food and starts the process. After about an hour she gets finished and goes on a tirade about how stupid everyone at that store is.

Things escalated quickly.

Over the next 2 hours it was next to impossible for me to hold in my laughter as I could tell she was growing very angry and worried that the order was never getting picked up. I started noticing her making phone calls to other managers and upper management people about what the hell to do with 200 roast beef sandwiches. Eventually it was time for me to clock out and go home.. So I did.

Over the next several times I worked I noticed I was not with this idiot manager anymore. In fact..I never saw her ever again.

She either quit or was fired. I guess I’ll never know.”

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I wonder what happened to all that wasted food…

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