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Girlfriend Was Invited On Fiancé’s Family Vacation, But Discovers They’ve Already Booked Their Rooms Without Her

by Ryan McCarthy

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Family vacations, which are supposed to be an escape from stress with the people you care most about, are often…. not quite that.

Ironically, they’re often the setting for some of the most legendary family arguments in history.

But a vacation with your partner’s family? Well that’s just a recipe for disaster.

This user learned that the hard way when she wasn’t invited to her fiancé’s family getaway cruise, despite being initially told she would be.

Was she in the wrong to be upset? Decide for yourself!

AITA for getting angry about being excluded from my fiancé’s family vacation after being invited?

I (20F) have been with my fiancé (20M) “Alan” for four and a half years. Alan has an older sister “Kristine” (23F), and both parents.

Alan’s family likes to go on vacation every/every other year, usually a cruise through touristy islands in North America.

In 2020, before we had even been dating for a year, I was invited on a cruise with them to Puerto Rico.

I managed to get all the money together within 2 weeks, but the trip was cancelled due to Covid restrictions.

In 2022, when my fiancé graduated high school, they went on a cruise as a family and I was not invited, and was asked to dogsit for them.

This year is the first year I would be able to go with them in Summer 2024.

But OP noticed some preferential treatment towards Kristine’s short term boyfriends.

Kristine (currently single) usually has 3-6 month relationships, and her boyfriends have always been welcome on vacations regardless of how long they’ve been together.

This makes me angry, as I have been with Alan for longer than any of them, and yet was still not invited. This brings me to today.

Having talked about a cruise back in November of 2023, I just reminded them I would not like for it to be over my birthday (late June) and would rather it be in July.

They agreed, and since it was a long ways out, we did not mention it again.

Apparently (as I found out today), Alan’s father had booked the tickets in December, but did not include me in the booking (even though I was invited by them directly in November).

This put OP in the tough spot of either paying the high cost of a room all for herself, or not going at all.

Either I pay an extra $2,000 for a room across the ship and find someone else to join, or I don’t go. That’s kind of where we’re at.

I am angry that I was asked directly, and was really excited about the trip, but was not included.

Alan is conflicted about what to do, and is trying to convince his parents to refund the tickets and rebook it with me included (after I bothered him for 2 hours to fix this).

But she said the price wasn’t the problem, it was Alan’s family’s inconsiderate behavior.

I would pay for my portion of the trip, which I do not mind (and I expected to do anyways).

I just feel extremely disrespected by being asked to join then not being booked because “I didn’t badger them enough to remember to add me in”.

I didn’t even know they had booked the tickets, considering it is still 6 months out, and Alan’s parents are not wanting to change their bookings.

AITA for being angry at being excluded for this?

At this point, I don’t even think I’d want go on the trip!  If my boyfriend’s parents had made it that clear how they feel about me, I probably would be better off just staying home.

Reddit had mixed feelings about this story, but this user offered similar advice and suggested OP also stop doing their chores for them!

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Other people said Alan’s parents were acting completely within their rights.

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Some of Reddit’s more cynical users suggested OP hightail it out of there!

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Many thought that if OP did decide to go, Alan should help pay for her room.

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And finally, this user questioned if OP was ever invited in the first place!

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I gotta agree with Reddit here, if there was this much bad blood between me and my partner’s family, the last place I’d want to be is in the middle of the ocean with no way out!

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