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Her Coworker Is Obsessed With Her Engagement And Gets Angry At Her For “Stealing” Her Dream Honeymoon

by Chris Allen

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Weddings, honeymoons, seeing family, friends, and exciting destinations:

It’s an exciting time for sure.

There are those amongst us though who seem to dwell on it, and take it a bit too far in their heads.

While we know it’s the turn of a page in the big book that is our lives, some invest way too much stress into it.

This story involves an office coworker who just can’t help but find that spotlight.

AITA for “stealing” my coworker’s dream honeymoon?

I have a coworker who loves being engaged. She’s the quintessential typical bride-to-be: she has her wedding planned to the smallest detail and talks about it all the time.

She’s the type to share mood boards and swatches with us during lunch.

This isn’t something that bothers me, but I wanted to paint a picture for context.

OP even goes so far as to say she enjoys talking with her coworker about the plans.

I actually like talking to her about her wedding!

She had set up a vacation with her husband, to a destination slightly similar to her coworker’s…

Not a big deal.

The issue that recently came up was that she was sharing with us about her honeymoon destination.

It’s a cute seaside city, and honestly, I thought it sounded great! I shared it with my husband, and we decided that we’d love to take a vacation like that too!

Because of our itinerary, we decided to visit a different (but very similar) city in the same country (think San Diego vs. Santa Barbara if you’re in America).

When I came back from my trip, my coworkers were excited to see pictures and hear about the trip, and I shared some chocolates that I brought back as well.

But the coworker was really fuming behind the scenes.

OP’s vacation was an affront to her coworker’s massive gameplan.

Uh huh…

The entire time, my coworker was kind of icy, and I finally found out it was because she thought I stole her idea for a vacation.

She said that since I’ve gone on a similar vacation, I’ve stolen the magic of coming back to talk to our coworkers about it.

Even though it’s a different place, she says it was similar enough and that it was kind of rude for me to take the attention when she’s been planning on her trip for a long time.

Now come on.

There is way too much being read into here by the coworker.

I personally don’t feel like I did anything wrong since we went to a different city and did different activities than what my coworker talked about.

She likes sporty things like hiking whereas I visited museums and dined out more.

But she’s so upset she’s talking about changing the destination of her honeymoon entirely, so I feel like I’m missing something.

Please let me know if I was an AH in case I need to apologize!

Let’s see what folks had to say.

Oh shocker, everyone with a unanimous NTA vote!

One commenter pointed out the glaringly-obvious.

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Another Redditor’s tongue-in-cheek response was so spot-on.

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But the top comment put it oh so perfectly.

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Main character syndrome in full effect!

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