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Her Husband’s Coworker Stole The Spotlight At A Baby Shower, So She Refused To Invite Her To Their Shower

by Trisha Leigh

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Aside from weddings, babies and baby showers might one of the biggest events as far as drama. There are just too many opportunities for other people to steal the spotlight.

OP and her husband are having a shower for her first child.

Hi, I (30F) am pregnant and due in April. My husband (35M) and I have a baby shower planned next month to celebrate with friends and relatives.

This event is very important and meaningful to me as I have not publicly shared the news with my friends and family on any social platform (i.e. Instagram, FB, the usual).

My husband is super excited to invite all his friends from work and other social circles to the baby shower, most of whom I generally like and get along with–except for one.

Let’s call her Sharon. Sharon is my husband’s former coworker and she is also pregnant (a few months after me).

Recently they went to a shower for another family friend, and one of her husband’s coworkers behaved badly.

I never saw Sharon as a real problem up until last week, where my husband and I attended another good friend’s baby shower (where Sharon was also invited).

Prior to attending the event, my husband told me to make sure to wear a jacket and keep my baby bump as discreet as possible, so that I don’t steal the spotlight from my friend, which I completely agree and respect.

I was shocked when Sharon showed up wearing the tightest maternity bodycon dress one could ever imagine. Her baby bump was extremely prominent and shown in such a way where it essentially forces the conversation on her pregnancy.

This was almost everyone’s FIRST TIME seeing her baby bump; some people didn’t even know she was pregnant! It was incredibly uncomfortable for me as I watched the energy shift from my friend to Sharon.

People were more interested in Sharon’s baby, asking the usual 20 questions people are keen to ask when they find out someone is expecting. And the worst part is, Sharon seemed to bask in the spotlight and gleefully answered everyone’s questions.

So, she doesn’t want her at their shower.

After witnessing that debacle, I no longer wanted Sharon at my baby shower. Her selfish behavior and attitude made it clear to me that she would try and pull the same exact stuff at my baby shower.

My husband tells me that not inviting her to my baby shower will cause unnecessary drama, since she is friends with the people who are attending. He also told me that we won’t be invited to Sharon’s baby shower and that it will start even more drama, etc, etc…

I do care about my husband and the connection he has to his friends, but at the same time, I am hurt that he is not taking my side and understanding why I feel so strongly about this.

Her husband disagrees.

It just infuriates me that he won’t even acknowledge that what Sharon did is wrong and in poor taste—in fact, he is making me feel like I am being overly sensitive and that I am overthinking everything!

I have no one to turn to and I feel that the only course of action for me is to take this girl off the invite list.

I am too stressed to think about the consequences this may have on the social group, nor do I have the bandwidth to truly sympathize.

I just want to be selfish and think about my baby.


Reddit is going to settle this one!

The top comment had some words for OP’s husband.

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This person thinks a lot of the drama is unnecessary.

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And this commenter agreed OP needs to get over it.

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But if you don’t like her, don’t invite her.

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Can’t we all just get along?

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This is a weird post for me.

Some people are just really weird about being pregnant.

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