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Her Sister Moved In And Kept Stealing Her Lunch, So She Turned The Tables And Gave Her A Taste Of Her Own Medicine

by Trisha Leigh

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I have no idea why there are so many stories on Reddit about people who steal food that doesn’t belong to them. It’s so weird!

It’s not that hard to leave food for the people that brought/prepared it, is it?

OP lives at home with her parents and because of their schedules, is responsible for her own lunch.

So, I (14f) have an older sister (19f) who we will call “Ella”. Ella is staying at home with me and my parents for university until she graduates or finds an affordable apartment for rent.

Anyway to give a little context my family is pretty busy. My mom is a nurse so she is gone very early and isn’t back until sometimes very late and my dad also gets up early as well. (I’m not exactly sure what he does but I know it has something to do with finance)

So because of this I have to get myself ready in morning. Since my parents aren’t here in the morning I’ve set up a routine.

I’ll usually pack my lunch, snack etc the night before and put it in the fridge to take it to school the next morning and it works out great.

And then her sister shows up and everything changes…

UNTIL my sister moved in.

For a little context my sister is also out of the house before I wake up and I’ve started to notice that she would take my lunch, leaving me with nothing to eat.

I just assumed she didn’t know it was mine which was a little annoying but I just told her to stop taking them. She agreed and all was well until last week Friday.

Friday morning I was supposed to go to school and she took my lunch AGAIN and I had to buy myself something small with pocket money and I had enough so I decided I was done.

When a chat didn’t stop her, OP decided to show her how it felt.

I woke early on Saturday morning before she was awake and just took her sandwich.

(For more context cause I know people will be confused, she goes to the library with her friends on some Saturday’s and that’s the only time she’ll actually pack her own lunch)

Anyway I took it and started eating it for breakfast. Needless to say when she came downstairs and saw me eating her food she got mad.

A spat ensued, but OP isn’t sure there was a better way to deal with it.

We got into a fight and I ended up telling her that this was how I felt every time she was to lazy to make her own food and ate mine instead.

I went back upstairs and by the time I came back down she was gone.

My parents weren’t happy when they found out what happened and told us to figure it out ourselves so now I’m kind of feeling bad. AITA?

I bet Reddit is going to agree with OP here – let’s see!

The top comment says there could be another solution.

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This is the only way to get her to listen.

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After all, some people are just slow learners.

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They think her parents should be more involved.

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Because she is still a child, after all.

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I think this was the best way to teach the sister a lesson.

She clearly wasn’t listening to reason.

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