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His Daughter’s Friend Isn’t Allowed To Come Over If Any Men Are There, So Dad Puts His Foot Down And Restricts The Friendship

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

When your kids start to make friends, you’ll inevitably run into a situation where they want to spend time with each other outside of designated activities.

Then, you have to navigate their parents as well as the fledgling friendships – which sounds much easier than it sometimes is.

OP’s daughter goes to online school but managed to make a friend.

My (39M) daughter (15F) has been doing a charter school online and because they connect kids with others locally, she made a friend there.

She uses mainly the internet for communication as neither of them have phones of their own. I’m happy for her since she does not have many friends.

Her friend lives about an hour out of town, but comes into town often and they hang out at the library or park.

When she wanted to invite her over, though, the other girl’s mom had a strange requirement.

The issue is that my daughter wants to have her friend over at our house to hang out.

Now normally we’d be okay with this, but my wife (36F) tells me that friend’s mother will only allow it if I am not at home.

to clarify, when I say I can’t be there, I mean me, the dad, a man cannot be there while her daughter is there.

He and his wife decided it was too risky.

This to us felt like a flag.

My wife has attempted to find out if she can’t talk to friend’s mother, but she refuses to do so.

My wife can’t even find out what her name is.

My wife and I decided it would be a bad idea to allow the daughter’s friend over ever, even if I’m not there.

This mother sounds like someone who could look for any reason to make accusations and even if I were at work, am I supposed to avoid my own house so someone (who I don’t know and doesn’t know me) doesn’t accuse me of being a predator?

We have 3 other kids and we don’t think it’s wise to take that kind of risk.

His daughter is upset, though, so he’s wondering if they made the wrong call.

My daughter, however, thinks we are horrible and hate her for this and does not understand our concerns.

Are we being unreasonable?


Reddit might have some good advice!

The top comment agrees this is all super odd.

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This person doesn’t blame OP but they do feel for the daughter.

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They don’t think the no man in the house is even the weirdest part.

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But this commenter thinks OP should take a bit of power back.

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Overall, we just have a lot of questions.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This is one of the weirder AITA posts for sure.

I am invested in learning more.

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