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Horrible Property Manager Makes Couple’s Life Intentionally Difficult, So They Turn His Own Words Against Him To Get Him Fired

by Ryan McCarthy

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Sometimes you find the perfect apartment: great view, reasonable price, safe location, but that little voice in your head tells you its good to be true.

More often that not, that little voice is talking about that building’s crazy management!

Take this user’s story for example, where on top of his apartment not having the features promised in its advertisement, he had to deal with the ignorant views of his property manager.

Check out his revenge for yourself!

Hippity Hoppity, this is no longer your Property (to manage)

After graduating college my girlfriend and I moved to a new state where she was accepted into an engineering program.

We found a lovely garden apartment style complex that advertised 100 Mbps internet speed included in the price among a few other amenities.

When we met the property manager, he seemed strict but well mannered, nothing out of the ordinary.

Nothing out of the ordinary, that is, until they actually signed the lease and moved in! OP outlined three distinct problems with their new property manager…

The first problem: Suddenly, walking into his office was not allowed without an appointment.

I had come by to ask a question, saw him browsing social media, and figured he was as available as he made himself to us when we first came by, unannounced, to view a model apartment.

Nope. He refused to answer my question and asked me to make an appointment via email.

The next issue was his bizarre switch-up on the initial damages of their property.

The second problem: The terms of our lease included an attachment to complete within 48 hours of accepting the keys that details all discrepancies within the unit.

We submitted the attachment via email around the 40th hour.

The property manager responded that the terms recently changed from 48 to 24 hours and since we had passed 24 hours, we would be held liable for all found damages.

When citing our copy of the lease explicitly stated 48 hours, he informs us that we signed an outdated copy and would need to make an appointment to sign a new lease.

And the third problem was the bane of our modern existence: Slow Internet.

The internet speed was not 100 Mbps as advertised. It was less than 15 Mbps off peak and about ~5 Mbps on peak.

We again contacted the property manager to complain but were referred to make an appointment.

But the final problem was more troubling, and far more serious.

We made an appointment to address the previous three problems.

During this meeting and after I finished voicing our issues, the property manager leans forward and says:

“There are other communities in this neighborhood that may be more accepting of people like you and your girlfriend. You’re welcome to break the lease and leave.”

“People like you and your girlfriend?” And what exactly was that supposed to mean?

I had thought he was referencing our no nonsense response to his nonsense (daily communication, scheduling multiple meetings to address these issues, etc).

But my girlfriend believed he was speaking towards our skin colors. Her, a black woman, and myself, a white man.

My girlfriend jokingly told me to check my privilege before getting serious and explaining to me that we were experiencing discrimination at the very least.

But this manager had messed with the wrong couple, and within no time OP had already found a way to make this ignorant jerk pay.

I did some research and discovered the property manager worked for a larger organization that owned several complexes throughout the country.

I found their director of human resources on LinkedIn and made a connection.

I then emailed her copies of all email correspondence, screenshots of the lease, pictures of the internet speed flags advertised by the road, and more screenshots of online speed tests.

We further noted his comment and the implications behind it. The human resources director replied within a few hours and promised us she would look into the issue.

And within no time, the property manager had reached out to them, and he was singing a different tune altogether!

About two days later, the property manager called and asked us to come by his office at our convenience. We showed up near the end of the day, and sat down across from him.

He then proceeded to ask us if we would be willing to write a letter stating we accepted his apology (despite not yet offering said apology).

In return he would credit us a months rent, accept our damages attachment, and promise to have the ISP on site within a week to assess the internet issues.

We declined. He got personal with us and revealed his job may be at stake and asked us to reconsider.

But in a sweet irony that is almost poetic, OP’s girlfriend had the perfect response for him.

My girlfriend leaned forward and said, “There are other communities in this neighborhood that may be more accepting of people like you. You’re welcome to leave.”

The property manager was replaced in a week with a super sweet older woman who not only gave us all the things the original property manager had promised.

The one month credit, accepting the damages attachment and then further scheduling maintenance to fix said damages, having the ISP assess and upgrade the internet to promised speeds, but she also made it clear her office was always open for anything we may need.

I looked up the old property manager about a few months later on LinkedIn. Still unemployed.

Hard to feel bad for someone who refuses to do their job, especially when they dug their own grave by being a racist prick!

Reddit was blown away by OP’s girlfriend’s epic response, with this user remembering his own experience turning someone’s words against them.

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I have to agree with this last comment, if I heard my partner deliver that crazy of a line, I think I’d have to get down on one knee right there!

Don’t settle for anything less than high-speed internet people.

Know your worth!

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