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HR Calls Reference On Application, But Job Seeker Never Asked Reference For Help. So They Gave A Brutally Honest Review.

by Addison Sartino

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance, Pexels

Filling out the reference application isn’t something I’d call fun, but it something I’d deem necessary.

This man took to Reddit to share his story.

This happened a few years ago. I received a phone call from an HR person from a staffing agency I almost worked for at one point (that’s another funny story for another day).

The man on the receiving end of the call was baffled.

I got through the greetings and small talk and got down to business.

HR: I have a person you know applying for a job with one of our customers.

Me: Sort of confused no one gave me a heads up. Who are we talking about?

HR: Your friend Moe.

Me: Who?

HR: Moe lastname he said he worked with you at the email company.

While he didn’t know the person who listed him as a reference, he did know the HR person.

Me: Ohhh ok I remember him. But I’m not sure why he’d put my name down we didn’t work all that closely. I interacted with his team only peripherally because we had equipment in his office. I don’t really feel comfortable providing a reference.

HR: Well that’s sort of our fault we sort of pressured him to cough up references on the fly.

Me: I don’t feel comfortable providing a reference.

HR: Come on OP we know each other help me out.

Me: Well not being his manager I can’t discuss his performance.

HR: Ok can I ask you about his technical skills and you comment those.

Me: Fine ask away.

HR: How is Moe with Software package #1?

Me: ok I guess maybe 2.5 out of 5

(5/5 is extremely rare for this software I might be 4.7 and I’ve used the software for 20+ years and even flown to the vendors HQ to work of technology issues and help design future versions of products with them)

HR: Great! How is he with Hardware platform #1?

Me: Well in the time he was at the email company he never touched the platform. If he gained knowledge from elsewhere I can’t comment.

HR: Wait that can’t be right. He said he lead the Hardware Platform #1 refresh project

Yikes… Lie #2 at this point.

Me: Well that’s not true.

HR: Email company is huge is it possible you weren’t aware of the project?

Me: No. I’m very aware of the project and he wasn’t leading it.

HR: How can you be so sure?

Me: Because “I” lead that project.

HR: (Very uncomfortably) Oh.

Me: I think it’s best for everyone we end the call here. I think you have a phone call to make.

HR: Yeah that’s probably best.

I didn’t necessarily bash him but just set the record straight.

Reddit users shared their similar experiences in the comments section.

This person shut down the call they received short and sweetly.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

An0ther reader pointed out the absurdity of the matter.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

While this person had a quick-witted remark to make.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Hope the guy who listed a false reference is recovering from the embarrassment of it all…

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