February 22, 2024 at 11:23 am

Hubby Likes to Spend One-On-One Time With His Sister. But When His Wife Says She Isn’t Happy About It, He Snaps Back.

by Matthew Gilligan

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We all go a little mad sometimes…

Do you remember that famous line uttered by Anthony Perkins in the 1960 movie Psycho?

Well, it applies to real life, too!

And this guy SNAPPED at his wife…and now he wants to know if he went too far.

Check out what he had to say in the story below.

AITA for snapping at my wife for butting into personal time with my sister?

“My twin sister and I (25) and my wife (36) have been having an issue.

While growing up my sister and I had very traumatic and painful experiences and we had no family support except for ourselves.

His wife doesn’t know all the details.

I haven’t explained in detail to my wife on what we went through. I have explained briefly so she understands but I haven’t gone into details.

The only one who gets is my sister because we leaned on each other to survive. We are both in therapy but we still find more comfort between ourselves than talking about it to others.

As a result we hang out every month. Just us. Of course my wife and I and my sister and her partner have double dates couple of times a month, but we hang out just us for a day just because it’s therapeutic and enjoyable. We joke about stuff in way no one will get it.

His wife isn’t having it.

My wife doesn’t like this. I genuinely don’t know why because I take her out on dates 2 nights a week and we have no kids and she hangs out with her friends all the time one on one.

I have talked to her many times about this, saying it just helps to hang out with your sibling just one on one to have fun (she has no siblings) but she says that I’m excluding her from bonding which is not true because my sister has made attempts to get closer to my wife but other that double dates my wife hasn’t accepted.

There was an incident…

Yesterday was supposed to be a hangout day but while I was playing video games my wife barged in and demanded I leave and spend time with her. I said no, right now I want to spend time with my sister and we can talk more about this at dinner.

She got really upset and now isn’t talking to me. I don’t see how I did anything wrong because i always take my wife on dates and stuff. It’s just one day but I don’t know.


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I have a feeling this drama ain’t over yet…

Good luck to them!

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