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Husband Wouldn’t Let Hungry Wife Have An Extra Cheeseburgers, So She Snatched One Anyway Because He Was Being Selfish

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@christianw

I don’t want to influence your judgment too much, but you’re about to meet a guy who defines the term SELFISH.

I mean, what a jerk!

And his wife took to Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page to ask readers if she was out of line or if her husband is to blame for this situation.

Read on and see what you think…

AITA for taking one of my husband’s cheeseburgers?

“My husband and I have 3 sons. Last Saturday, he took them out to run errands while I stayed home to do housework.

They went to McDonalds on the way home and brought food back for me. I told them to get me a 10 piece chicken nuggets and medium fries. Apparently the boys were still hungry in the car after eating their meals and asked my husband if they could have some of my food.

He told them they could have “a couple of nuggets and a few fries.” His reasoning was that I rarely finish my whole order — which is true. I usually eat 7-8 nuggets and most of the fries.

This wasn’t gonna be enough…

Well, they EACH took 2 nuggets and a few fries. Which means that what was handed to me for lunch was 4 nuggets and about 1/4 of the container of fries.

My husband has this habit of buying himself 3 extra cheeseburgers (the little thin ones) when he goes to McDonalds so that he can eat them for breakfast the next day. He puts them in the waffle iron to reheat them. He swears it’s his favorite breakfast. He’s a weirdo.

This didn’t go well.

Anyway, knowing he had already eaten his full McDonalds lunch and he still had those cheeseburgers, I asked him for one so I could have a full lunch. He said no because he needs them for breakfast.

Here’s where I might be the *******.

I took one and ate it anyway.

I was hungry, and annoyed that my food was eaten, and it didn’t make sense to me that he would deny me a full lunch so that he could have breakfast.

He still has 2 cheeseburgers for breakfast. He can have an egg with them or something if it’s not enough food.

You can probably guess what happened next…

He got mad that I ate his cheeseburger, and doesn’t think it’s the same as him letting the kids eat my food, because he didn’t realize they took that much so he didn’t intend to upset me.

Whereas I knew I was upsetting him when I took the cheeseburger.

He thinks I could have just eaten leftovers or something. But like… he could do that too, and should, since he gave my food away.

He thinks I am because I took his food after he said no.

But I was not given the opportunity to say no before he let the kids take my food, so it’s not a fair comparison.

AITA here?”

Now check out how people reacted on Reddit.

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Her husband sounds like a real gem, huh?

Oh, boy…

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