February 2, 2024 at 5:39 pm

Husband Makes Woman Pay A Quarter Every Time She Brings Up Taylor Swift. – ‘I can take it no longer!’

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Instagram/@dana.rice.realtor

Everyone has that one celebrity that lives in their mind rent free.

Just yesterday I sat on my couch watching live Lady Gaga performances for an hour, then tortured my friend with an in-depth conversation about her career’s evolution.

By the end he didn’t exactly look like he was ready to puts his paws up with the rest of the Little Monsters.

And no one is subjected to our rants and ravings about our favorite celebrity more than our significant other.

But apparently this wife was such a Swiftie that her husband had to implement a “Taylor Swift Jar”, where every time his wife mentioned her favorite singer she had to pay a quarter!

Check it out!

Source: Instagram/@dana.rice.realtor

Realtor Dana Rice’s video starts with her catching her husband right in the middle of making a new take on the classic swear jar.

But instead of paying for cursing, she had to pay every time she mentioned her favorite Pop icon, Taylor Swift.

He exclaims, “I can take it no longer!”  as he tapes the homemade label to the jar!

Source: Instagram/@dana.rice.realtor

The label is titled “Taylor Swift Jar”, and reads:

“Any Mention Of T.Swift and you owe me $0.25! I can’t take it anymore.”

Who ever thought of making a profit off of your partner’s pop culture obession? This guy has the right idea!

Source: Instagram/@dana.rice.realtor

But the Taylor Tax didn’t stop there!

The jar also made her pay up everytime she mentioned Taylor’s new beau, The Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce!

You’d think Travis Kelce would get a pass from the husband, but maybe he isn’t a football fan!

Or maybe he’s just a Raiders Fan!

Source: Instagram/@dana.rice.realtor

But Dana just couldn’t help herself, and even before the video was over we saw the Taylor Tax get collected!

“They were both on Saturday Night Live yesterday!”

This garnered a sigh from Dana’s husband, with him chiming,

“That’s a quarter.”

I’m sure Dana’s husband told her, “Look what you made me do!”

Maybe her husband will make more than he could in his “Wildest Dreams”!

Ok I’m done. Sorry those were terrible.

One more…

Having to pay a quarter? I guess that’s just her “Karma!”

Check it out:

Anyway, this seemingly innocuous little joke between husband and wife got people RILED up in the comments!

Source: Instagram/@dana.rice.realtor

This user suggested he use the jar to buy tickets to Taylor’s tour!

Source: Instagram/@dana.rice.realtor

And this person commented on the double standard for Men and Women’s interests.

Source: Instagram/@dana.rice.realtor

And finally this commenter even converted her boyfriend into a Swiftie!

Source: Instagram/@dana.rice.realtor

Seems like a great idea for them, but I’m hoping a Lady Gaga jar doesn’t find its way into my house anytime soon!

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