February 23, 2024 at 1:44 pm

Neighbor Is Upset Because Their Service Dog Goes To The Bathroom Where Kids Play

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@profwicks

Hey, kids need places to play, right?

If they don’t, you know what happens…

They get cranky, they cry, and then everyone is miserable.

But dogs need places to frolic, too!

And the person who wrote this story on Reddit wants to know if they’re wrong for letting their dog play in the same place where kiddos were having a good time.

Check out their story and see if you think they did anything wrong.

AITA for letting my dog go in spaces kids play?

“I have a prescribed ESA (service animal) that I fought hard to get. I have invisible disabilities, too.

I live in an apartment that has some yard space.

Dogs will be dogs.

My ESA came home last March.

Since I brought him home he has been going potty in the backyard or in the park.

The park is now inaccessible because of snow, so we’ve gone back to going potty in the backyard.

Now for the most part we stick to one side, but every so often my dog likes to go explore the other side.

But then there’s the neighbor…

I have a neighbor, let’s call her K, that has apparently decided that my dog going potty where her kids play is the worst thing in the world.

Both times she has come out specifically to “talk” to me, my dog has been off sniffing something, both of us minding our own business.

The second time she came out it triggered a panic attack.

Her reasoning is my dog shouldn’t be peeing where kids play & she claims the property manager told her I can’t have my dog in her kids “play space”.

My dog hasn’t peed where her kids play – it’s been on the tree, the lamp post, or on the other side of the yard where only we have been – and I clean up all his poop.

This is causing some issues.

There are no designated play spaces at my apartment besides a playground, which is never used, and the yard is open to anyone to use.

Because it’s no pet housing, there’s also no designated dog use areas. I am waiting to hear back from the property manager if there are any actual restrictions, but was not told of any when I finalized my accomodation.

The streets have chemicals and salt on them because winter.

My dog’s feet get tore up easily and he’d rather chew his own foot off than wear booties. This yard space is about the only accessible space we have to access safely.


Check out what folks had to say.

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One Reddit user made a good point.

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Just let the dog go to the bathroom.

We’ve been living alongside them for a long time. If this were an issue, we’d know it by now.

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