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Overly-Insistent Customer Suffers The Wrath Of DMV Employee After Asking About License Plate Numbers Over And Over

by Chris Allen

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pixabay

There is no single place I loathe more on planet earth than the DMV.

RMV for you crazies up in Massachusetts.

The waiting times, the clinical doctor’s office bright lights, the long look of dread and despair on every single face inside the building.

Ok. Now it’s your turn to get your *always confusing and constantly-changing* paperwork / business finished.

Only to come face to face with someone who wants to be there even less than you. Great.

This funny story is told from the other side of the desk of doom.

Number picky? Okay.

So where I work, we register cars and issue plates according to what we have in stock. It’s a common question for people to come in and ask for specific number tags, and normally if I have anything applicable, I’ll try and accommodate as best as I can.

Cue Entitled Customer (EC). EC comes in, hands me his paperwork for his car, and a temporary tag. “I want a plate with these numbers.” I go “okay, I just restocked, and I’m 99% sure I don’t have those specific numbers, man.” Nope, EC wants me to check for those numbers.

Knowing what’s in his stock, OP explains to the customer that he knows those exact numbers do not exist in any desk there.

You don’t think that explanation was enough though, do you?

I say no, we go by what we have in stock. He can check all up and down with all of my coworkers if they have a plate with those exact numbers, but it’s slim pickings that anyone is going to have the exact number plate in their drawer. He quiets down while I work his paperwork up.

“Are you sure you don’t have those numbers? Even if it’s not the same sequence, I just want those numbers.” “Sir, I can assure you, I do not have those specific numbers. Sign here, please.” “Yeah, but it’s just an important number for me, are you sure you can’t check?” “I just restocked my drawer, I don’t have those numbers.” “Okay.”

Moving on. Finally.

OH COME ON! Again?

I finish up with the paperwork, start typing. Get to the very end and tell him what his total is, that we take cash, card, check, money order, etc. Plate is already picked out.

“Okay, but are you suuuuure you don’t have those numbers?”

I’m fed up at this point. I’ve been lenient with the five times you asked, buddy. You want me to search? FINE.

OP then hit the button for to ultra-petty mode.

And while it might have been a tad over the line, it’s quite funny.

I pop open my drawer and go through the first rack of plates. This is a pretty hefty stack, enough to make a solid THUMP on my desk. “Let’s take a look, huh?” “Oh no, you don’t need to do-” “Noooo, I insisssst.”

I go through them one by one. Nope, not that one. Not that one either. Ooh, that also doesn’t have the right numbers, woooow.

If you’ve ever played a South Park video game, a) I highly recommend it, and b) this actually made me laugh aloud…loudly.

On we go, as you so adamantly kept pushing for, sir!

By the time I’m done, EC is saying “okay, I’m ready to pay,” but I completely turned Billy Mays here and was like “BUT WAIT, THERES MORE” and grabbed the second stack of plates. It must have felt like watching Jimmy in Stick of Truth during the unskippable flute scene, because we were NOT skipping any. Single. Plate.

EC eventually got the hint that I didn’t have his specific plate because he paid, and left saying it was a cultural thing for good luck. I feel like a bit of an AH there, but I’m not an Etsy artist. I don’t do custom orders. What we have is what we have.

Let’s see what folks thought.

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How about just paint the numbers on your bumper, race car style?

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