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Pregnant Teenage Sister Constantly Insults Her Sibling For No Reason, So She Demands To Go Live With Relatives In Another State

by Matthew Gilligan

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Ugh…this situation sounds awful…

The story comes to us from Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page and it’s quite sad…and the young woman who wrote it wants to know if she’s out of line.

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AITA if I left home because of my pregnant sister?

“I 16f have 3 sisters, all from ages 17 to 22.

One of her sisters is a handful.

My first sister A is 17 and pregnant she didn’t know about her pregnancy until the 3rd month.

That’s when everything changed.

She keeps using her pregnancy against me by eating my food saying it’s the baby’s fault not me and saying really nasty things about my looks, my style, etc.

Another thing is when we are with friends and family she tries to embarrass me the hardest.

She can saying sarcastic remarks about my looks and acne.

She was never like this before, even when she was pregnant.

My mother always takes her side no matter what because she sits there and cries about it.

Not everyone is on her side.

It’s gotten so bad i’ve asked my mom is I could go live with some other relatives a few states away and she’s considering it.

When my other two sisters found out they said that I shouldn’t move just because of her hormones changing and I need to grow up.

I know her body is changing, as well as her mindset, but is there really a reason to dislike one of your sisters while your pregnant?

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One reader said she’s NTA and explained why.

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Another individual said she should leave the house.

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This person made a good point.

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Another Reddit user also thinks she should move out if she can.

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And this reader doesn’t think she should have to deal with this burden.

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Sounds like a pretty bad situation.

I think I’d do the same thing!

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