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School Administrators Made A Rule About Dyed And Wild Hair, So Student Maliciously Complied by Wearing A Woman’s Wig

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@TheBlissFox

I just love stories about people sticking it to the THE MAN!

And this one is a real doozy!

Check out what happened when a student who was in a punk rock band decided to prove a point at school.

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Just trying to obey the dress code sir. Make your choice.

“When I was in high school, I was part of a punk band that played regular gigs at a few venues around the city.

We would regularly open for touring bands that came into town. I guess we were a bit of a novelty act since we were all like 15 years old and put on a good show. Well part of being an interesting punk band is having a wild appearance and as such I always had some kind of brightly coloured mohawk or spikes on my head.

There were some new rules at school.

So one day in the middle of the school year the school sends home an updated dress code notice that now includes “no unnatural hair colours or styles.” and a few other annoying changes that were specifically directed at me and my friends.

At the time my hair was actually bleach blonde so technically I didn’t have to do anything, but when I got home I remembered that I had a ridiculously plush curly gray granny wig that I had bought as a gag. That’s when my devious little mind had a great idea.

Let’s see what they think of this.

The next day at school I showed up in combat boots with a plaid suit and my hilarious granny wig. First period I had a really nice teacher who complimented my humour.

Second period, I had a real hard *** teacher who I knew must’ve had something to do with the dress code change, because we had actually argued about my appearance before.

So I showed up early to class and had a seat. Class is about to start. The teacher walks in, gets everyone quiet and at attention, then I notice him notice me. He calls me out. “Yes sir?” I ask. “Take that ridiculous thing off your head right now!” I comply, and as I take it off, my freshly dyed bright blue mohawk springs up.

That went over pretty well!

The look on his face was priceless, the whole class was stifling their laugher. We all knew he was gonna have to choose. He just tightens his mouth, shakes his head and says “ugh whatever.”

I got to do this with every hard *** teacher for the rest of my day; forced them to make the choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Inevitably, it seems I was able to make the rule unenforceable and after a few weeks other kids were showing up with “unnatural hair” as well. No one gave us much resistance after that.”

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