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School Gives Teen $500 Tickets To Sell So He Asks His Family For Help. Nobody Ends Up Selling Any And Now They’re Blaming Him.

by Trisha Leigh

AITANotRemindingParentsOfFundraiser School Gives Teen $500 Tickets To Sell So He Asks His Family For Help. Nobody Ends Up Selling Any And Now Theyre Blaming Him.

These days, there are a lot of different ideas on how to parent kids, especially teenagers.

That said, on Reddit? People are usually pushing for kids to take responsibility for their own actions no matter what sort of parents they drew.

OP is fifteen and experiencing his first school event where he is expected to sell tickets.

So i (15m) am going to pass from 10th to 11th grade this winter break.

Every year at my highschool they do this big mexican celebration (i’m in mexico) to celebrate our tradition, and everyone is mandated to participate in it.

They give each grade a little post to sell food and drinks, and they give us a bunch of tickets so we can sell them and fund the party.

He told his older sister and dad, both of whom said they would help.

Then, OP kind of forgot about them.

My (20f) sister went to the same school I am in and put herself as my tutor, which means she’s basically the one the school sends the emails and calls about tuition and stuff like that.

So since she’s already been to about 3 of these paties she knows the gist of it and was supposed to help me sell the tickets, as well as my (50m) father who is the one who pays for the tuition.

When I told him said, “Yeah i’ll help you sell em”.

A month passes and its a week before the party, and I had still not sold any tickets, and I forgot about them cause of exams and they were just collecting dust in my drawer.

When his dad asked if he wanted to go to Seaworld the day of the party he said yes, never mentioning where he was supposed to be.

That’s when my father tells me “hey you wanna go to seaworld with me and your stepmom?”

Which to i say “sure”, but i was on the day of the party, which i didn’t really mind not going to cause its seaworld.

After i return, the party is over and i never hear from the tickets again.

A week after that, i get told by the principal i need to pay some late fees on tuition n extra stuff (which i presume where the tickets).

i tell my dad and he pays with some troubles from the sales department at the highschool, but it gets resolved.

The bill for the snafu came in, and it was big.

Mind this is in late september, jump to a week ago at the end of the winter break when my sister comes to me saying “Hey, I just got a call from school saying you need to pay for the tickets you had to sell, how many did you sell?”

And I told her, “None, I didn’t go to the party, plus, you and dad didn’t really help me sell them” to which she gets mad at me for not being responsible.

And I tell her “tf was I supposed to do???”

To which she responded, “You could’ve sold them to your friends” which I  did try, none of them wanted to get in extra dept.

She tells me that we have to pay for the tickets, and I ask her how much is it, SHE SAYS 30 BUCKS PER TICKET.

I found the old strip of tickets amd counted 16, which means at a total it would cost us about 400-500 dollars.

OP figures his authority figures are at least as much to blame as he was.

Now my sister and mom are mad at me for this, and I dont even know if my father knows yet, and i cant sell them now that the party was done 4 months ago.

I honestly dont think I’m the ah in this situation, cause this is the first of these parties I was in and my sister was supposed to help me out.

She did nothing, and my father was supposed to help me sell the dang tickets, he also did nothing.

I did my part to the best of my knowledge and they did not help at all, now my family is mad at me….

So reddit. AITA?

Does Reddit agree? I’m holding my breath!

The top comment says OP knew they were ultimately his responsibility.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This person has a few questions.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And this commenter says it seems like OP just couldn’t be bothered.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Though they do admit the whole thing seems awfully ill-conceived to begin with.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Even so, they don’t feel as if the kid should be blaming everyone else.

Source: Reddit/AITA

I have a lot of questions, as well.

And yeah, the blame probably lies a little bit with everyone involved.

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