February 7, 2024 at 12:48 pm

Scientists Say Signals From Space Are Getting More Frequent And Sound Like A ‘Celestial Slide Whistle’

by Trisha Leigh

When I first read that astrophysicists were getting signals from space, my mind immediately went to aliens.

While scientists aren’t willing to go there exactly, they do concede that the signals are strange – and getting stranger all the time.

The first radio burst was observed in 2007 and have continued since. Some show up at oddly regular intervals, others are super powerful but fizzle out quickly, but overall, the source or sources have been tough to puzzle out.

The latest signal, though, is definitely adding to the overall mystery.

Source: Study

This new study details how researchers spotted a “never-before-seen” burst with SETI Institute’s Allen Telescope Array.

The 35 bursts came over two months, and as far as they can tell, from a single source. The frequency also dropped in the center, like a “celestial slide whistle.”

They weren’t able to detect any regular timing, but the scientists still think it could help when looking for more similar signals.

“This work is exciting because it provides both confirmation of known FRB properties and the discovery of some new ones.”

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Colby Gutierrez-Kraybill

Everyone is still trying to figure out where the FRB’s originate. One popular theory is that they could be released from the magnetized remains of a collapsed star.

“We’re narrowing down the source of FRBs, for example, to extreme objects such as magnetars, but no existing model can explain all of the properties that have been observed so far.”

They’re still not bringing up aliens.

But I feel like that means they’re not ruling them out, either.

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