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Sneaky Boy Tried To Get A Female Student To Turn In His Work For Him, But She Had Other Ideas

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@levidjones

Revenge is a dish best served…PETTY!

And the woman who is the main star in this story from Reddit really knew what she was doing when a guy tried to get her to do his work for him.

Check out how she handled this situation perfectly!

Girl teaches a lesson to a rude guy in long line.

“Not my story. I am just a witness. It happened in my final year of my Engineering College.

When exam schedule was declared, University would release the exam form which students were supposed to download, fill them and submit them into college.

Usually students would get 2 weeks to do this which is more than enough time.

Boys will be boys…

We boys for whatever reason procrastinated until the last date while girls usually had submitted their forms in the beginning itself.

So there was I standing in a line, waiting for my turn to submit the form. There were two lines. One for boys and one for girls. Boys line was pretty long when I joined (about 30) while girls line was around 5 people.

After I spent about 90 minutes in line, I finally got into first 5 in the line. That is when this incident happened.

She wasn’t cool with this.

There was a girl at the last in girl’s line carrying a clipboard. It had her exam form on it. A guy suddenly came and placed his exam form on her clipboard and told her to submit his exam form. His entire attitude was extremely rude. His words sounded like an order. I thought she was going to slap him but she didn’t.

Instead She took his form and gave him a sweet smile.

I thought I misjudged the situation. It is possible to submit other people’s form but you have to go back and stand in line again. I thought maybe girl was his friend or something and was willing to do him a favour. It didn’t look like she knew him but given she had just smiled instead of confronting him I just ignored it.

This guy learned his lesson!

I put this odd act out of my mind and waited for my turn. When there were two guys in front of me, the girl reached to end of girls line. She gave clerk her form and had it submitted. She left the line and then she walked towards the rude guy. He looked surprised as she had not rejoined the line. She waved his exam form in front of him, again gave him a sweet smile and just dropped it on the floor. She never said a single word to him.

Everybody who as watching understood what she had done.

If she had immediately told him to **** off, he would have just joined the boys line which had around 30 people. She made him waste time by keeping his form with her and by the time she had submitted her own form, boys line had increased to more than 50 people.

Pretty much everyone burst into a laughter. Guy who was so smug before took his form and just left from there.

I have no idea when he submitted his form. Probably on later day which must have cost him late fine.

That was best act of revenge I had seen.”

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Nice try, dude.

Better luck next time!

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