February 25, 2024 at 5:46 am

Dealership Keeps Giving A Customer The Run Around For A Dead Battery And Won’t Give Them A Loaner. So He Forces Them To Do The Right Thing.

by Trisha Leigh

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There’s nothing quite so frustrating as trying to give someone pertinent information about an emergency situation and having them not listen.

When it’s not your dime, though, you can use those moments to teach them a lesson.

OP had trouble with his car, so called the dealership to activate his extended warranty.

I had an issue with my car that was fairly new and well within manufacturer’s warranty.

Called the dealership and explained what was happening and the service guy was SUPER rude, cut me off.

The guy on the other end wouldn’t listen, just told him to have it towed.

He told me to have it towed.

Absolutely, I’ll do that.

So I get roadside assistance to come tow me and send it off to the dealership.

It sat in the garage for two days – and they paid for a rental – before they would listen to him.

Give them 24 hours to call me to let me know what’s going on, but they don’t so I take myself on up there to find out in person.

They tell me they hooked it to a code reader, but no codes they’ll keep looking in to it.

So I ask for a loaner but they don’t have any available.

So I ask for a rental, and they can’t do that till they diagnose it. Except they can, cause my extended warranty covers that so he begrudgingly gets me a rental.

24 more hours go by and they’re closing in 15 minutes so I send an email asking for an update, and giving the additional information that he cut me off from giving in my original phone call.


He called an hour later to let me know they were charging my dead battery and I could pick it up tomorrow.

Reddit is just going to guffaw over this one, I bet.

The top comment says not all mechanics are created equal.

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Because this one is a no brainer.

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Luckily, his boss probably doesn’t like him either.

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Unless you’re still under warranty.

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These people were totally full of baloney.

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This would make me so mad.

I would never go back there, for sure.

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