February 13, 2024 at 5:38 am

There’s A Way To Anonymously Submit Bad Drivers On The Road For Re-Testing For Their License

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@franciscocorcia

If you live in the city, any remotely-medium-sized city, driving is more than just a headache.

It can be downright dangerous.

And today with pocket-sized distractions, and stress levels already to the max it absolutely is.

But one thing has remained a constant, and that’s look out for the elderly out there!

It sometimes seems like they just don’t even know they’re behind the wheel.

But what can one do to even report someone that looks like the lights aren’t even on inside their heads?

One guy on TikTok has the answer in a two-parter.

Source: TikTok/@franciscocorcia

It starts with a stitch of a girl clearly peeved beyond belief saying,

“If you don’t start re-testing these dinosaurs on the road…”

She’s about to open a can of whoop-a$$.

Source: TikTok/@franciscocorcia

Luckily this gentleman has some information to impart about just that.

As he says, “did you know you can anonymously submit someone for re-testing for their driver license?”

Now as a fair warning, he goes on to explain in another video, this is what he knows for California, and to check your local state’s provisions.

Source: TikTok/@franciscocorcia

But that is mighty interesting, isn’t it…

Check out the initial stitched video here:


#stitch with @Stephanie Ann

♬ original sound – Corcia Corp

And his follow-up detailed explanation here:


Replying to @hazel #greenscreen

♬ original sound – Corcia Corp

Let’s see what folks thought about this one!

A couple commenters had some…clever ways around the really bad offenders.

Source: TikTok/@franciscocorcia

See what I mean about dangerous?

Source: TikTok/@franciscocorcia

And dangit, doesn’t seem to be the same method in Texas.

Source: TikTok/@franciscocorcia

Better be driving carefully out there, Californians.

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