February 23, 2024 at 12:39 am

Grocery Store Forced Customer To Use Self Checkout, So He Gamed The System And Proved A Valuable Point

by Trisha Leigh

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I don’t think anyone loves the idea of the self-checkout. I mean, if you have one or two things and it will be quicker than waiting, ok – but it’s gotten to the point where I’m expected to check out $200 worth of groceries by myself.

And listen. No one has trained me on how to do that.

OP feels the same way, so when he was forced to the self checkout he was already annoyed.

I hate self checkout at grocery. There isn’t enough place for a full grocery and the weight detector doesn’t work half the time.

So I go once and all the checkout lanes are closed. I have to use self checkout and there are 2 employes supervising the customers.

They take a long time to react each time the device bugs out, to check age when you scan alcohol, etc.

So it took me about 15 minutes to get a checked out.

When the machine asked a question about bags, he answered.

Now here you have to pay for your plastic bag and now you even pay for paper bag. At that time not all places charge for paper bag.

At the end comes the question “How many plastic bags did you take?”

Cue malicious compliance.

I knew it meant “all bags”, but act like I didn’t. I only took 3 paper bags. So I press 0, then didn’t ask for paper bag.

An employee confronted him, so OP was honest.

This time the director/owner react quickly.

“You had to press 3, you took 3 bags”

“Sorry but it asked me how many PLASTIC bag, I thought there was another question for paper and thought they were not the same price”

The employee had to do it all himself, so OP felt a little satisfaction.

He didn’t believe me and scanned a bag to test it.

Then he sees the question.

“Next time make sure the proper question is asked or even better don’t force people to self checkout”

Saved 15 cents but it was worth it to see his face.

Was this petty enough for Reddit? Let’s hear what they have to say!

Seriously, no one likes this process.

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No one signed up for this job.

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They’re welcome to fire us.

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It’s important to know your rights.

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Sometimes those crazy ideas aren’t bad.

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It’s wild to think the money they’re losing on inventory is still less than paying a couple more cashiers.

Wild and more than a little bit sad.

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