February 25, 2024 at 4:34 pm

Woman Peels Protective Plastic Off Her New Samsung TV, Only To Realize It’s The TV’s Screen. – ‘They did this with their flip phones too.’

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@kumalashstudio

When we buy an expensive electronic item, I think we all get so cautious we might as well be handling nuclear radiation!

Every time you touch it, you get that subconscious fear that whatever you’re doing is going to irreversibly repair it. But most of the time, the danger is only really in our head.

Most of the time.

Well to the horror of TikTok, user @kumalashstudio lived all of our collective nightmare when she accidentally peeled the screen off her new TV!

Ugh, I even cringed writing that! Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@kumalashstudio

Kuma prefaced this story by saying she had put off posting this video because of her own embarrassment, and she didn’t want her stupid mistake to become a viral moment!

But in her caption she says she feels she can finally talk about since it had been a while since the incident happened.

So, Kuma had just made a big purchase for her new apartment in Spain, the staple of any living room: A TV.

But this wasn’t just any TV, it was a spanking new Samsung Smart TV!

Source: TikTok/@kumalashstudio

In the process of setting her TV up, she saw what she thought was a protective layer of plastic on the TV’s screen.

Just like you would with a new phone or laptop, she began peeling the plastic off.

But it wasn’t long before she realized that what she was peeling wasn’t plastic protecting the screen, it was the screen itself. 

Source: TikTok/@kumalashstudio

Now I have to admit, I think the reason I’m breaking out into a cold sweat right now is because this is absolutely something that I would do.

But then Kuma’s husband did something that I probably wouldn’t have done, he straight up peeled the rest of the TV screen off!

She said at that point it was already half-off, and the damaged had already pretty much been done.

To be fair, I guess it doesn’t do you any good to see 50% of a football field.

Source: TikTok/@kumalashstudio

In this picture you can even see Kuma’s boyfriend holding the screen in front of the TV, and you can actually see the broadcast through the torn off screen!

Apparently Kuma wasn’t alone in her mistake, though as she soon found online threads filled with people who had pulled their screen off the same as her.

In her caption she said that with all these people making the same mistake, you’d think Samsung would include a warning on their TV that this was the screen, not protective plastic.

Source: TikTok/@kumalashstudio

Kuma said that this was a pretty rough start to her first year in Spain, and said it was the only the first hurdle for her to get over after the move.

Ultimately though, her story ended well, as Samsung actually gave her a new TV free of charge to replace the one that she had mistakenly broken.

What a great gesture by Samsung, its always great to see companies being nice for a change instead of punishing people for simple mistakes!

Check out the video:


I feel like I can talk about this now since its been a while. WHY was there not a sticker on the front that said this is not a protective plastic. Do not remove 😭 #movingtospain #usatospain

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TikTok had mixed reactions to this one, with some users wondering when TVs have ever come with protective screens.

Source: TikTok/@kumalashstudio

This user was quick to offer a fix for the ruined screen.

Source: TikTok/@kumalashstudio

But many wondered why the screen would be peel-able in the first place!

Source: TikTok/@kumalashstudio

This commenter agreed, saying the exposed edges were definitely a flaw in the design.

Source: TikTok/@kumalashstudio

And finally, this user said many other Samsung products have had similar problems.

Source: TikTok/@kumalashstudio

What have we learned everyone?


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