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Childhood Bully Keeps Up The Insults After 20 Years, So Woman Snaps Back And Gives Her A Test Of Her Own Medicine

by Addison Sartino

Source: Reddit/AITA, Pexels

As kids, it wasn’t out of the ordinary to have a more sibling dynamic to your best friend’s siblings.

However, there’s a thin line between being playful and bullying.

This woman took to Reddit to share her story.

Background: My (33f) friend Beth (34f) has an older sister Jill (38f) who has hated me since we first met.

She always called me a “weirdo freak” and said I deserved the bullying I got at school because I was a such a dork. I stopped visiting Beth’s house because of Jill and didn’t see her again until Beth’s 18th birthday, where she told people that I was harassing her boyfriend (I’d literally said hello to him and that was it) because I was too ugly and weird to attract my own guy.

Thankfully, she moved away not long after and I was just glad to be rid of her.

After a couple years without seeing one another, the writer is getting together with old friends.

Now: Beth and I arranged a dinner reservation with the other three in our group – Liz (33f), Kelly (34f) and Megan (34f).

This was our first real chance to see each other in over two years, due to a number of reasons, and we were all looking forward for a chance to catch up.

Beth offered to drive me and Kelly with her to the restaurant (since neither of us can drive and I have CFS and several types of chronic pain so travelling isn’t easy for me).

We caught a bus to Beth’s flat together but it was Jill who answered the door which shocked us both. Beth hadn’t told us Jill was visiting, and we’d have appreciated a heads up since neither of us have good history with Jill.

Still, we were polite.

Kelly said hello and complemented Jill’s dress, and I said “Hi Jill, nice to see you, how have you been?”.

Jill completely ignored Kelly and turned to me and said: “better than you, clearly, still a pale freak, aren’t you?”

I couldn’t help it and snapped at her that “at least I’m not a bitter hag still clinging to grudges I started with a 12 year old. Maybe it’s time you grew up a bit.”

The bully then wanted an apology.

Jill immediately ran off screaming for Beth and said she’s “not taking us anywhere until that **** apologises” which confused me and Kelly because why would she be taking us anywhere?

That was when Beth came out and revealed her car was broken so Jill was meant to be driving us and I shouldn’t have been cruel to her sister and “that’s just Jill’s humour”.

Kelly called BS and said Jill is a bully and she only surprised I hadn’t snapped years ago and told me I’d better not apologise.

I said I had no intention to. Beth said “well, you can make your own way to the restaurant then” and kicked us out.

When everyone met at the restaurant things got awkward…

Kelly and I called Liz and Megan to update them and say we’d be running late since we now had to pay for a cab and they are split.

Liz thought I should just apologise because Beth is siding with Jill and it would cut the tension, but Megan thought this was long overdue and Jill had it coming and Beth needs to accept her sister’s actions have consequences.

In the end, I refused to apologise and we got a taxi, only to find out Beth was refusing to join us over what I said to Jill.

This was a week ago, and Beth is now refusing to speak to any of us other than Liz, who told her she’s said I was at fault, until I apologise to her sister.


Reddit users were quick to side with the writer.

One person said the bully has no sense of decorum.

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Another reader said the writer should dump her friend.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This person also called out Beth for being a bad friend and told the writer to be wary.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Sounds like the writer has grown up and these two clearly have not.

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