February 25, 2024 at 2:27 pm

You Don’t Have To “Wash” Your Chicken And This Woman Shows The Proof, But Folks In The Comments Fire Back. – ‘You guys are getting really offended.’

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@lehandrabreanne

Every culture, every city, ever family – they all seem to have different ways to prepare food.

Now with the internet we love to judge everyone’s’ food prep technique from afar, safe behind the keyboard.

Oh and everyone is a medical professional on the internet, so that’s great! 😉

The internet apparently had a field day with one woman’s method of preparing chicken.

So she naturally had to fire back.

Source: TikTok/@lehandrabreanne

So in brilliant fashion, she filmed herself making dinner, complete with her toddler in her other arm.

To the camera she says “You can literally Google and find out why you should not be washing your chicken anymore.”

Figure it out.

Source: TikTok/@lehandrabreanne

And with all the attitude she can muster from the gods, she glances up to the camera saying:

“Oh but you guys are getting really offended as if I’m inviting you over to my house to eat dinner, and guess what? I’m nottttt.”

Absolute mic drop destruction. Chef’s kiss. With a side of wink.

Source: TikTok/@lehandrabreanne

Does she stop there? Absolutely not, she’s got more zingers to unload on all the coping, salty whiners.

“Guess what, you’re not sleeping in my bed either. But yo momma might be, aaaaaahhh! I’m just kidding, unfollow me”

Check out her utterly hilarious slam dunk here:


Replying to @T’Ma 💕 sending love your way T’Ma 🫶🏻 #easychicken #panfriedchicken #chefleh #dontwashyourchicken

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Let’s check out either the triggered snowflakes or the steadfast supporters.

The main reaction: total agreement.

Source: TikTok/@lehandrabreanne

We found it really interesting to hear from those from other cultures, and the way they do things.

Source: TikTok/@lehandrabreanne

Hey, they wash chicken in the Caribbean! Who knew!

Puerto Rico seems to be a house divided on the subject.

Source: TikTok/@lehandrabreanne

Wash those hands though, people.

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