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Young Soccer Player Didn’t Fit In With The Team, So A Parent Told Her Mom She Needs To Leave

by Matthew Gilligan

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Fact: parents can get pretty competitive when it comes to their kids playing sports.

In fact, some parents take it more seriously than the kids who are actually playing!

I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about…

Is this parent wrong for what she said to a soccer mom about her kid?

Read on and see what you think…

AITA for suggesting to another soccer mom to remove her daughter from our team?

“I will start by saying as parents we should be able to gauge our children’s abilities and what programs are the best fit for them.

We play on a competitive recreational indoor soccer league (during our non parks and rec off season).

The Parks and Rec in our area offer two different forms of indoor soccer “social” being the least competitive and more about having a good time, being laid back & learning at a slower pace and “competitive”… self explanatory. Our kids are 9-10 yrs old and really want to win! These girls fight hard and truly give it their all.

One kid doesn’t exactly belong on the team…

One player on the team literally just runs around flailing her arms in the air. She does not know the rules of the game.

She will drop to the ground on field and start throwing a fit if the other team scores a goal. Screaming “we’re going to lose!”.

It’s such a distraction to all of the players on the team. And even the opposing team gets so confused.

They have her in the defender box most of the time and when it’s time to defend and match up she shakes her hands in the other kids face or just runs the opposite direction.

It’s just hard to watch as a parent.

Also a factor in this is we pay a few hundred in fees every season and some of us help sponsor as well. So we are invested in being competitive.

This isn’t professional soccer lol but we still take it pretty serious.

They tried to talk to this mom…

I spoke with her mother recently who just laughed and giggled about the girls behavior.

Calling it “cute” and how she’s just having a good time out there. I did not pry into her medical history because that’s none of my business.

But the mom voluntarily shared that her daughter had ADHD and was thinking about medications. Personally I think there is something else going on with the kid, but again that part is none of my biz!

I then suggested to the mom maybe the social league would be a better fit for her daughter, that what she was doing on the field and during practice was so distracting and counterproductive. That it was detrimental to the team and our chances of even making the playoffs.

That didn’t go over very well…

She snapped at me hardcore and said this is “just little kids sports” and it shouldn’t matter at all to “keep my ******* thoughts to myself”.

Also that she won’t go to the social league and how dare I even approach her with my opinion.


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