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A Group Of Rude Girls Stole Their Parking Spot At A Donut Shop, So He Got Revenge And Bought Everything Last One

by Trisha Leigh

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The only thing worse than not having donuts is thinking you’re going to have donuts and then finding out they’re all gone.

I stand by that assessment, too, with my life.

OP has an excellent donut shop in his town that stays open late.

This may be the pettiest thing I have ever done.

So in my city there is a pub that’s attached to a doughnut shop that serves the best doughnuts in the city (which always causes a long line).

Because it’s attached to a pub, it doesn’t close shop until 9PM as there is a solid flow of business rolling in.

He and his girlfriend were fixing to pull into a spot there when a Vespa stole it.

Anyway, my girlfriend and I get a serious hankering for some snacks so we decide to head to the doughnut shop and arrive out around 8:30 P:M by car.

Now, there are only three parallel parking spots a little up the street from the place, and they are all 15-minute spots which are usually full. We see up the street that, count our lucky stars, a spot is free!

My girlfriend pulls a little ahead of the car in front of the spot, turns on her indicator, and begins backing into parking spot when this little white vespa driving behind us whips into the spot. I roll down our window and call out to the driver “Scuse me, we were just backing in”.

The driver seems to be a pretty univ student who shrugs her shoulders and calls out to me “sorry, first come first serve!” while her and her friend share a good laugh.

Inside, he was in front of the spot thief in line – so he bought the rest of the donuts.

My girlfriend suggests we just get doughnuts another time, and I tell her she can drop me off here, I’ll buy the doughnuts since I know what she likes, and she can loop around.

She agrees, and I pop out of the car, pass the little white vespa where the girls are still gathering their things, and head to the shop. As always, the line is super long for doughnuts and since this is the last batch, the doughnuts are slim pickins.

The girls are behind me looking at the 5 or so different flavors that are left, talking about which ones are best and which they haven’t had yet. I hear one of them jokingly mention “thank god we got a parking spot” and they burst out laughing.

I get to the front of the line, and when asked for my order, request two dozen doughnuts, which is every last one remaining.

The girls behind me didnt listen to what I ordered, but eyebrows of confusion started to form on their faces and they slowly saw each doughnut loaded into the boxes and their options dwindle.

One of them (the driver) in desperation asked the baker who was loading them in “what, youre not even gonna save a few for us though?” to which I turned around and said “sorry, first come first serve”.

She honestly looked like she just simultaneously solved a movie mystery and shit her pants, its difficult to put into words but truly an expression I can never forget.

Best doughnuts I ever tasted (and enjoyed by the rest of my office the next morning)


The top comment says they will never forget it.

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Honestly, none of us will.

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The rules are the rules.

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I’m not sure anything could have made it better.

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You’ve gotta love NYC.

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This is one of the best things I’ve ever heard.

I just know those girls had the worst feeling as they walked out of that shop.

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